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English Language Quiz For SBI Clerk Prelims 2021- 6th May

Directions (1-5): In each of the following sentences, a part of the sentence has been italicized. Below are given alternatives to the part italicized which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.  Wherever no improvement is needed choose ‘No correction required’ or ‘No Improvement’ as the answer.

Q1. Although he is able to make political enemies with this decision, the prime minister does not mind doing it for the sake of public welfare.
(a) liable from
(b) of a mind to
(c) acknowledging his liability to
(d) liable to
(e) No correction required

Q2. Had I realized how close I was to failing, I would not have gone to the party.
(a) If I would have realised
(b) Were I realized how close
(c) When I realized how close
(d) If I realized how close
(e) No correction required

Q3. Except for you and I, everyone brought a present to the party.
(a) With the exception of you and I, everyone brought
(b) Except for you and I, everyone had brought
(c) Except for you and me, everyone brought
(d) Exception of you and me, everyone had brought
(e) No correction required

Q4. A nuclear testing fills the air with radioactive dust and left the area uninhabitable.
(a) and leaves the
(b) also leaves the
(c) also leaving the
(d) and making to
(e) No correction required

Q5. Alcohol in moderate quantity boosts concentration of good cholesterol and inhibiting blood clots.
(a) inhibits blood clots
(b) inhabits blood clots
(c) inhibited blood clots
(d) inhabiting blood clots
(e) No correction required

Directions (6-15): Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (e) i.e., “No correction required” as the answer.

Q6. It was until many years later that Che Guevara became a rebel against authority.
(a)It was not until many years
(b) It was not many years
(c) Until It was many years
(d) It was till many years
(e)No correction required

Q7. The players involved in match fixing should heavily punished as they do it intentionally.
(a) shall have heavy fine
(b) should be heavy fined
(c) should have heavily fined
(d) should be heavily fined
(e) No correction required

Q8. The quality of food at the restaurant was rather worst than I had expected.
(a) worst than was expected
(b)worse than I had expected
(c) bad as I had expected
(d) worse than expectation
(e)No correction required

Q9. Acquisition of certain athletic skills can be facilitated from regular practice and hard work.
(a)can be facilitated by
(b) may be felicitated with
(c)can be felicitated with
(d) may facilitate through
(e)No correction required

Q10. Their earnings are such that they find it difficult to make both ends to meet.
(a) to make both ends meet
(b) to makings both ends meet
(c) for making both ends to meet
(d) to make both ends for meeting
(e)No correction required

Q11. The step of demonetization is a major breakthrough and attempts to acquaint us with the problems of corruption and terror funding.
(a) attempting to acquaint
(b)attempts at acquainting
(c) attempted to acquaint
(d) attempt to acquaint
(e)No correction required

Q12. The accused now flatly denies have admitted his guilt in his first statement.
(a) had admitted
(b) has admitting
(c) have been admitting
(d) having admitted
(e)No correction required

Q13. Despite of their differences on various issues, they all agree on continuing this project.
(a) Despite for their
(b) Despite off their
(c) Despite their
(d) Despite of the
(e)No correction required

Q14. No sooner he had arrived home than he was asked to start another journey.
(a) has he arrived
(b) he has arrived
(c) had he arrived
(d)he had arrived
(e)No improvement

Q15. A budget should have to mould by the needs of a nation.
(a) should be moulded
(b) should have mould
(c) should mould
(d) should be moulding
(e) No correction

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S1. Ans.(d)
Sol. ‘Liable to’ means ‘subject to’ an obligation or exposed to a possibility or risk (‘likely to’). Don’t mark (a) in a hurry just because you recognized ‘liable’ to be the correct term; the preposition following it should also be correct.

S2. Ans.(e)
Sol. No correction required

S3. Ans.(e)
Sol. No correction required

S4. Ans.(a)
Sol. Co-ordinate connector ‘and’ takes same verb forms. So, there should be ‘fills’ and ‘leaves’ respectively.

S5. Ans.(a)
Sol. Co-ordinate connector ‘and’ takes same verb forms. So, there would be ‘boosts’ and ‘inhibits’ respectively.

S6. Ans. (a)
Sol. ‘It was not until many years’ is the correct use.

S7. Ans. (d)
Sol. ‘should be heavily fined’ is the correct use.

S8. Ans. (b)
Sol. ‘worse than I had expected’ is the correct use.

S9. Ans. (a)
Sol. ‘can be facilitated by’ is the correct use.

S10. Ans. (a)
Sol. ‘to make both ends meet’ is the correct use.

S11. Ans. (b)
Sol. ‘attempts at acquainting’ is the correct use.

S12. Ans. (d)
Sol. ‘having admitted’ is the correct use.

S13. Ans. (c)
Sol. ‘Despite their’ is the correct use.

S14. Ans.(c)
Sol. Auxiliary verb is used before subject in the sentences starting from No sooner, hardly, scarcely, rarely, seldom.

S15. Ans.(a)

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