English Quiz 18th June- English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims 2020

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Directions (1-5): In the given passage several blanks are given and for each blank four alternatives are provided with two words each. Choose the option from which both words can fill in the blanks to make a grammatically correct and contextually meaningful sentence. If none of the given options can fit the blank then choose option (e) ‘None of these’ as your answer.

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The Right to Information Act’s role in __________________ (1) a more informed citizenry and an accountable government has never been in doubt ever since its implementation in 2005. But there have been persistent and growing misgivings. Section 4 of the Act calls for pro-active and voluntary __________________ (2) of information, but only a few Central and State institutions have published relevant information; here, Rajasthan has taken a lead through its Jan Soochna portal. The other problem has been persisting vacancies in the State and Central Information Commissions, which was raised in a plea in the Supreme Court on Monday. A three-judge Bench led by the CJI allowed the request and asked the Centre and States to __________________ (3) filling up the vacancies. The CJI also curiously observed that officials were sensing fear leading to paralysis of action due to the working of the RTI, going on to __________________ (4) that the kind of queries that were sometimes being asked were not always in public spirit and were posed by people who had no “locus standi” in the matter regarding the queries. This argument by the CJI is difficult to accept as the RTI Act __________________ (5) rejects the need for locus standi in Section 6(2) — “an applicant making request for information shall not be required to give any reason for requesting the information…”. This clause is present for vital reasons — seeking locus standi in order to respond to public requests could result in a chilling effect as public authorities (PAs) could choose to deny information to general citizens on subjective grounds.


(a) Recover, Entire

(b) Folly, Acumen

(c) Fostering, Developing

(d) Residue, Inertia

(e) None of these


(a) Detain, Compliant

(b) Censure, Approve

(c) Quickness, Agree

(d) Dissemination, Distribution

(e) None of these 


(a) Expedite, Accelerate

(b) Retreat, Release

(c) Screen, Assured

(d) Incursion, Plain

(e) None of these 


(a) Upright, Exacerbate

(b) Specifics, Detail

(c) Secluding, Reduction

(d) Haughty, Socialize

(e) None of these


(a) Sullen, Modesty

(b) Eminent, Disparage

(c) Betterment, Worse

(d) Explicitly, Unequivocally

(e) None of these 

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