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Types Of Syllogism To Practice For Bank Exam 2020

One of the most asked topic in all the banking exams is Syllogism. Many students make mistakes while solving this topic and hence in this article we will be discussing the different types of syllogism and how you can solve them easily without a hassle. This topic can easily fetch you 5 marks which can boost your over all score and can help you in your selection. Before diving into the topic, it’s better to understand what exactly Syllogism is?

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What Is Syllogism?

Syllogism is a very simple concept and is based on the logical ability of a candidate. Candidates are advised not to assume things based on their common belief. Instead, follow the  certain rules laid in to solve  this topic. Syllogism can easily be solved by doing the visual representation of the statements and then marking the answer following them. This visual representation of statements is known as venn diagram. Given below are the how we represent certain relationships.

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Types of Syllogism

There are certain types of syllogism and we will be discussing them all one by one in this article. Given below are the type of statements that you will see in syllogism.

Types Of Statement:

Type 1: All Books are pen

Type 2: No Book is pen

Type 3: Some Book are pen

Type 4: Some Book are not pen

Type 5: Only books are pen

Type 6: Only Few books are pen

Type 7: Few books are pen

Conclusion Type: Given beloa are the types of conclusions that can be infer from the statements given in the question

Type 1: All Books are pen

Type 2: No Books are pen

Type 3: Some Books are pen

Type 4: Some Books are not pen

Type 5: All Books are pen is a possibilities

Type 6: All Books are not pen is a possibilities

Type 7: At least some books is pen

Let’s Understand the above types with an example:

When all the statement are positive and start with All, then the conclusion will always be positive and it cannot be negative.

Statements: All mad is bad. All bad are crazy. All crazy is mango

Types Of Syllogism To Practice For Bank Exam 2020_50.1

Conclusion: The variable which are inside the other variable will always follow All & Some for e.g.

All mad is crazy – right

All bad is mango – right

Some mad is mango – right

Some mango is crazy – right

Some crazy is bad –right

Some bad is mango – right

The variable which is encircling the other variable will only follow some.

All crazy is mad – wrong

All mango is bad – wrong

All bad is mad – wrong

When all the statements start from some

Statements: Some classroom are smart. Some smart are music.
Types Of Syllogism To Practice For Bank Exam 2020_60.1

Conclusion: We can only establish the relationship between the two variables which are in contact and consider any other under the category of possibility or false and they form the either or condition as given below:

Things to remember while marking the either or condition are: Both the conclusion needs to be false and must have same variable.

Some classroom are music

No music is classroom


Some classroom are music

No classroom are music

When statement have statements with All and Some Not:

Example: Statements: All Guava are Papaya. Some Papaya are Mango. Some Apple are Mango.

Types Of Syllogism To Practice For Bank Exam 2020_70.1

All apple are papaya

Some apple are not papaya

The first statement is false and the second statement is also false

Note: All apple is papaya + Some papaya are not apple though both the statements are false and have same variables but they are not complementary pair).

When statement have Only a few, it means some but not all

1. Example: Statements: All mango are orange. Only a few orange is banana. some banana are apples.

Types Of Syllogism To Practice For Bank Exam 2020_80.1

Some banana is orange. (right)

All banana is orange is a possibility. (right)

All orange is banana is a possibility. (wrong) This condition is false because only a few orange is banana is given in the statement and hence it cannot be a possibility.

When statements have Only it means no other thing relationship can be established between the variable other than the given one.

2.  Example: Statements: Only mango are Orange.  Some mango are Fruits.  Some Apple are Fruits.

Types Of Syllogism To Practice For Bank Exam 2020_90.1
Some fruits are mango.(Correct)
Some Apple are mango is a possibility. (correct)
Note: A Few, Many, Most, Atleast is considered as ‘some’.

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