English Quiz 21st July- English Quiz for SBI PO 2020

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Directions (1-5): In the following questions, a sentence consists of four  highlighted words. Choose the option reflecting the word which is either misspelt or grammatically incorrect. If all the highlighted words are correct, choose option (e) i.e. “all are correct” as your answer choice.

Q1. A cascade of scholarships is coming the way of 17-year-old G. Dhevayani, the student from a nomadic tribe near Madurai, who hopped her school in the Class 12 board exams.


(b) Coming
(c) Nomadic

(d) Hopped

(e) All are correct

Q2. According to new recommendations made by the sub-committee, admissions under this quota will now be based entiraly on certificates submitted by applicants.

(a) Recommendations

(b) Admissions

(d) Applicants

(e) All are correct

Q3. The e-commerce portels will have to set up a robust consumer redressal mechanism as part of the rules under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019.


(b) Robust
(c) Mechanism

(d) Under

(e) All are correct

Q4. E-commerce giant Amazon is asked to leveraged its global operation to provide Indian MSMEs with insights that might help them to better design and market their products.

(a) Giant

(b) Leveraged
(c) Insights

(d) Market

(e) All are correct

Q5. The Navy has recently undertaken several PASSEXs, which officials described as an opportunity to improve interoperability on the high sees.

(a) Undertaken

(b) Described
(c) Interoperability

(d) Sees

(e) All are correct

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