English Quiz 28th May- English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims 2020

Adda 247 will provide you daily English Language Mock of “SBI PO Prelims. In today’s English Language Mock, we have Single Fillers based Quiz. Stay tuned with bankersadda to get Daily English Language Mock  and boost your preparation for the upcoming bank exam. You can also prepare with the study plan for SBI PO available on the bankersadda website. Directions (1-5): In the following questions a sentence is given with a blank in it. Following each sentence five words are provided. Choose the appropriate word that can fill the given blank to make the sentence both grammatically and contextually correct. Q1. Insurance industry looks to update risk models as climate risks ______________. (a) Defame (b) Ruin (c) Escalate (d) Vindicate (e) Occupation Q2. A major trade _________ is brewing over the export of Canadian softwood lumber to the United States. (a) Remove (b) Dispute (c) Expel (d) Rendition (e) Yielding Q3. Achieving an even skin tone is another ___________beauty process that many of us could do without. (a) Restrained (b) Encouraged (c) Shocking (d) Vanquished (e) Protracted Q4. Her position seemed ever more __________ by the minute, and it was clear that I would have to rescue her. (a) Precarious (b) Conjecture (c) Competent (d) Unable (e) Substantiate Q5. With secession, Philadelphia’s unionists believed that the very foundation of their prosperity as a class had been placed in _________. (a) Confused (b) Reconciliation (c) Estranged (d) Jeopardy (e) Muddle To attempt the complete quiz refer to the links given below:
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