Global Startup Ecosystems Ranking 2020 released

Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) 2020:

Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) 2020 has released. This report is released by Startup Genome, a California-headquartered innovation policy advisory and research firm, analyses cities around the world where early stage startups have the best shot at building global success. Startup Genome collected data and information from Google Trends, GitHub and Meetup & also considered the impact of coronavirus crisis on startups and public policy actions taken by governments to support startup ecosystems.

The Startup Genome report analyses cities around the world where early stage startups have the best shot at building global success. Startup ecosystems outperform when their entrepreneurial community is not only open to but deeply integrated within the global startup community.

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Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020: India

Two Indian cities made it onto the top 40 of the world’s most favorable ecosystems to build a globally successful startup, topped by the Silicon Valley in California. Bangalore was ranked 26th and Delhi 36th in ‘The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020’ by Startup Genome, with Mumbai topping a parallel “Top Emerging Ecosystems” ranking. Bangalore stood out for high access to funding and Delhi ranked well for the volume and complexity of patent creation in the analysis, which found London and New York tied for second spot.

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Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020: Global

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the transition to the digital economy and has called for entrepreneurs to innovate faster. The research found that the UK capital is among the top cities in the world to grow a globally leading company, with startups in London benefiting from high levels of global connectedness to other top ecosystems, and a flow of knowledge into the city which helps them to build global market reach.

London and New York also overtook Silicon Valley in the connectedness ranking, a factor based on the number of tech meetups in the ecosystem and a life sciences-focused measure of accelerators and incubators, research grants, and R&D anchors in the ecosystem.

As per the report, 30% of the top ecosystems comes from Asia-Pacific region region, compared to 20% in 2012. Out of the 11 new ecosystems that included into the top ecosystems list, 6 are from the Asia-Pacific region.

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Top 10 Global Startup Ecosystems ranking:

Rank City Name
1. Silicon Valley
2. New York City (tie)
2. London (tie)
4. Beijing
5. Boston
6. Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem (tie)
6. Los Angeles (tie)
8. Shanghai
9. Seattle
10. Stockholm
26. Bangalore
36. Delhi

Top 10 Emerging Ecosystem Ranking:

Rank City Name
1. Mumbai, India
2. Jakarta, Indonesia
3. Zurich, Switzerland
4. Greater Helsinki, Finland
5. Guangzhou, China
6. Barcelona, Spain
7. Madrid, Spain
8. Philadelphia, United States
9. Manchester-Liverpool, United Kingdom
10. Research Triangle, United States

Mumbai tops the list of parallel top 100 emerging startup ecosystem ranking. Mumbai ranked first in a parallel “100 emerging ecosystem rankings 2020” followed by Jakarta, Zurich. Other Indian cities that made it to the list include Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.

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