Hard Work Is The Price You Need To Pay

You must have come across many interviews of such students, who have cleared the toughest exams of the nation while working and supporting his/her family. They seem a bit unrealistic right? We think that they are superhumans. They can do anything they want or they are gifted with great intelligence. Well yes, they are gifted with perseverance and patience because not everybody has them. It seems unbelievable until it is done.

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The Flying airplane was like a dream until the wright brothers invented it. Similarly, you will feel something is unachievable until it is done. when you will face the same situation. Imagine keeping yourself in the position of the person who has cleared the exam you have been eyeing for so long. You are working because you can’t just sit home and prepare dedicatedly because there no one to bring bread to your house except you. Will, you still not work hard to earn a better living for your family? 

There is great saying in hindi- “Aag me tapkar hi sona bante hai”. That aag is the harshful circumstances and that sona is you while you are struggling with the circumstances. You are constantly improving yourself. Even now, as we see the situation is so worse and it’s in no one’s control. I am sure there must be some students who will be sleeping late and waking up late. Some who have completely forgotten that they were preparing for national level competitive exams for which lakhs of students apply and whose pass percentage is hardly 1%. But I am sure there must be some students who must be waking up early now and sleeping late to fetch those extra hours to make sure they are not leaving any stone unturned. Latter is the students you will see on our Adda247 channel telling their success stories to the former students.

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The choice is very clear only if you want to make it because there is no choice for an aspirant than to study even in the worst-case scenario. So we advise all our students to work hard. Don’t consider it a vacation. you never know the notification for any exam may come tomorrow and then you will not get even a single day to prepare for it. Work hard because we want all our students to share their success stories with the world.

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