Tips to Crack Government Job Interview

Government jobs are one of the most sought after jobs in the industry. If you are preparing for an officer level job then you must be knowing that there are generally three stages in the recruitment process namely: Prelims, Mains and Interview. We usually prepare whole year for the first two stages and completely forgot about the final and the most crucial stage that is Interview. We have seen so many cases where students have done exceptionally well in their respective prelims and mains examination but still miss the final merit list by point because they score less marks in Interview.

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Why Interview In Officer level Exams?

Officers are the leaders who guide their teams t achieve their goal. It is very important for a good officer to have inter-personal and intra-personal skills to deal with different types of people in his team. Good communication skills and right attitude can help a officer to sail through in the toughest times. That is why interview is the last and the final stage of any recruitment process because in this round they are not checking your knowledge instead their focus is how well you can handle pressure and respond to difficult situation. This is a behavior exhibit by great leaders and it cannot be inculcate in a month or two. A candidate is require these skills in his/her personal life to face the interview. So, this round basically involves the behavioral change in responding to difficult situation thus demands a lot of time and patience. That is why we have come up with this article to tell you the ways which can help you to gain these skills those interviewers are looking for.

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Tips And Tricks to ace the Interview

Research well about the organization you have applied for

It is important and you might be asked certain question regarding the organization you have applied for. Hence it is very important to know every thing about it.

Gain Knowledge About Current Affairs

Current affairs are asked by the interviewers to check your presence of mind and your knowledge of day to day world. Students must go through the important news that is doing round at their time of interview.

Learn All the Obvious  Questions that are Asked

We all know that there is certain set of questions that are asked like : Why do you want this job? How would you help the organization with your skills? etc. It is advised to students to prepare the answers to such questions beforehand. If necessary take the help of a teacher or a mentor to refine your answer.

Practice As Much As You Can

Practice makes a man and it is the ultimate key to success. Practice your prepared question as much as you can and you introduction to make sure you don’t fumble when these are asked.

Have in depth knowledge about Your Family Members

An interviewer can ask you anything about you and the people associated with you and your family. They can ask about your parents profession, their hometown, What is famous in their hometown, Historical importance if any related to their hometown or your hometown etc.

Practicing in Front of the Mirror

This exercise can really help you to get confidence for facing an interview, you can start talking with yourself in front of a mirror. This is an old age technique.

Give Mock Interviews to Remove Hesitation

Give Mock interviews to your friends and family. Ask them to ask you questions. Try to answer them in the same way you would answer on your final day. Ask for their genuine feedback and work on it.

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Gaining the Experience Who Have Already Cleared an Interview

Try to meet and contact to your senior who have successfully cleared their interviews. Try to learn and understand what according to work in their favor.

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Take The Help From Coaching If Required

It is always good to ask for help than regret later. There are several coaching institutes which provide coaching. Join them as they will guide in a better way with the help of experts.

Psychological and Mental Preparation

Psychological preparation is the vital step and time consuming as well. Mentally prepare yourself for all the possibilities that can happen on the day and how you can combat that.

Develop Your Emotional Quotient (EQ) Rather Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Remember in an Interview is the test of  Emotional Quotient  over Intelligence Quotient.

Positively Carry Yourself on the Day of Interview

Donot let any negative thought come to your mind. Think positively and repeat it to yourself that you can do it.

Put a Smile on Your Face

Keeping a smile not only bring positivity in you but also whosoever look at you feels positive and happy and it also attracts people toward you. Use this simple technique so that the panel like you.

Keep The Body Language  Positive & Relaxed

Body posture should be positive and relaxed not sloppy or rigid. Sloppiness in body language will leave a bad impression while rigid Body language will show tension.

Maintain The Eye Contact & Firm Handshake

It is very important to have an Eye contact with the person who is asking you question. Maintaining eye contact shows your confidence. Handshake should be firm to leave a lasting impression.

Dress Formally

Interview is an activity which is conducted to check your professional side. Hence, dress accordingly.

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Avoid Using Strong Perfume or Deodorant

Candidate should avoid using perfumes or deodorant with strong smell as it distracts the attention of interviewers.

Match clothes with Your Personality

A candidate Attire must match his  personality. For e.g. If you are dark then wear light colored clothes, if you are fair then you can wear dark colored clothes.

Do not Confuse Between Personality and Physique

Candidate often mistook Personality with physique. Remember, in a govt job interview or any other interview it is your personality that matters not physique.

Visit the Venue of Interview One Day Before

If you are going at the venue for the first make sure you reach there on time and for that it is advise to visit it before to avoid any last minute rush or delay.

Do not forget to Carry all Your  Relevant Documents

Check a night before all you relevant documents that you have to carry on the day of interview.

Do not talk to Candidates before Giving Interview

Candidate must try to avoid  talking with rest of the candidates who have also come for the same interview. It may divert your attention and they may scare you.

Ask for Permission to Make a Decent Entry

First impression is the last impression. You entry says a lot about your attitude and approach hence make sure you do it rightly without committing any mistake.

Ask Permission for Everything – Sitting, Drinking etc

This is an important step. Try to ask for permission for everything you want to do inorder to show respect to their presence.

Keep The Pitching Moderate

It is important to keep a pitch which is loud enough to hear you but low enough that it should sound like a noise and you donot end up disturbing or irritating them in any way.

Always Greet With Appropriate Salutation

It is a must. Never forget to wish whenever you enter the room. Wish as per the time. Do not wish them good morning if it is afternoon. This will show your lack of presence.

Do not  Use Informal Form of English Language

While you are  talking, use formal English. Avoid  using words like Ya, Yep, etc. It is good to be formal.

Keep Yourself in Commanding Position but do NOT Hijack the Interview

It is always good that you command the entire interview but remember not to hijack it. Let the interviewer speak and understand carefully what they really want to ask.

Be On Point

Do not exaggerate your point or do not talk unnecessarily as it will leave bad impression on them and you might end up saying something stupid.

Do NOT Argument

There is a thin line between putting forward your point and arguing to prove your point. Know the line and act accordingly. Put your point forward defend it if you are fully confident about it but do not argue.

Try to Avoid Open Ended Questions from the Side of Interviewers

It is a simple exercise, try not to use words you have no idea about or do not leave a answer with a question as it will flood you with more questions and you might end up in uncomfortable situation.

Be Humble & Down to Earth 

Answer confidently but it shouldn’t reflect that you are arrogant. Answer every question with humility and maintain that throughout the interview. This will make them like you even more.

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Try to  Explain your Point with Analogies & Examples

If you explaining a technical terminology then try to explain it with day to day example or with an analogy. It will show your in-depth knowledge about that topic.

Do not Fumble

Do not fumble a lot and use words like “Aaa Aaa Aa!” You should always have words to explain any situation. Using too many fillers  would simply mean that you do not know anything about the subject.

Be Diplomatic and Avoid Expressing Your Religious & Political Views

It is best advised to not put forward your political views and bring yourself in a position of hot seat. They will backfire you with some hard hitting questions and you will left speechless.

Be Ready With  Your Strengths and Weaknesses

This is the commonly asked question and you must be ready to answer this question. Try to figure out by yourself what you think your strengths and weaknesses is then ask your friend and family and see if they matches.

Exams Interview These Tips And Tricks Will Be helpful

All the banks conducting exams for PO level and SO level have Interview. The ratio although differs from bank to bank. These tips and Tricks will be beneficial.


Defense Exams:

After clearing the written test there is SSB which is a 5 days personality assessment test and in one of the day there is interview. all these tips and tricks will help you to ace that.


For PSUs exams these tips and tricks will prove to be helpful like GATE.

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