Changes in English Language Section in Bank Exams 2018

English section in banking exams gives Heebie-jeebies to many of the students. And as the pattern keeps on changing, it becomes more difficult for the students to tackle this section in the exams. The SBI PO and Clerk exams have got over and as SBI is known for introducing new patterns in its exams, it has done the same this year too. New pattern questions were asked in English that left the students perplexed. 

The syllabus remained the same but the pattern and the level of difficulty of the questions changed. Earlier Single filler and double fillers questions were being asked, but this time triple fillers questions were asked in the exams. A new pattern of inference based questions were also introduced. New pattern based paragraph completion questions were introduced. Earlier either synonym or antonym of a word was asked in the exam, but this year pair of synonyms, antonyms, and either a synonym and antonym type questions were asked in the exam. The syllabus remained the same and one needs a thorough knowledge of the subject to crack the exam. 
In SBI Exams this year, a wide variety of vocabulary based questions were asked. May it be antonyms-synonyms, fillers, Reading Comprehension; vocabulary played a crucial role in these exams. You need to learn a big number of vocabulary words to ace in the upcoming exams. Reading Newspaper editorials will help you build a good vocabulary. 
With new pattern being introduced, one can expect such new pattern based questions in the upcoming IBPS Exams. IBPS PO notification is out and you still have ample of time to prepare for your exam if you work with complete dedication. Only practice with the most updated study material will help you sail through the exam. Practice with the questions based on the pattern asked in SBI Exams to know the pattern and level of questions. 
New Pattern Based English Quizzes (Latest Questions asked in SBI PO/Clerk Mains)