The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- People’s Parties | 25th August

The Hindu Editorial Article of 25 August 2020- People’s Parties

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1. Resumption (noun) पुनरारंभ: Starting something again after a pause

  • Meaning: Beginnning Again or Resume
  • Synonyms: Recommencement
  • Example: This move would likely spark a resumption of last year’s street protests. 

2. Restoration (noun) मरम्मत: Bringing something back to what it orginally was or to satisfaction level  

  • Meaning: Repairing 
  • Synonym: Refurbishment, Renovation
  • Example: The restoration of the building looked exactly like the original one

3. Vowed (verb) कसम खाई: Promising to do a specified thing

  • Meaning: Promise or pledge    
  • Synonym: Swear, Assurance
  • Example: He vowed that his result would improve, then immediately met those expectations.

4. Dubious (adjective) संदिग्ध: Anything or anyone whom you cannot rely upon

  • Meaning: Unconvinced
  • Synonym: Doubhtful, Questionable 
  • Example: And there is a catch beyond the dubious funding.

5. Reiteration (noun) पुनरावृत्ति: Instance of repeating something

  • Meaning: Repetition
  • Synonym: Reduplication
  • Example: “There is just this constant reiteration that cops are in constant danger,” he said 

6. Stalled (verb) अवस्र्द्ध: Something that has been standstill for long

  • Meaning: Stopped or Stilled
  • Synonym: Halted, Heldup
  • Example: Endless complaints stalled the process of selecting the winning design for the memorial 

7. Curbs (noun) प्रतिबंध: Limiting access or restraining powers

  • Meaning: Restrict 
  • Synonym: Restraint, Bridle
  • Example: Regulations will help to curb bad behaviour and improve research integrity

8. Detention (noun) नज़रबंदी :State of being held in lawful custody

  • Meaning: Hold back or imprisonment
  • Synonym: Custody, Incarceration 
  • Example: The fifteen people arrested were still in police detention

9. Subservient (adjective) अधीन: Obeying or serving unquestioningly

  • Meaning: Obedient to the authority
  • Synonym: Submissive or Subordinate
  • Example: Japan is overly subservient to U.S. Policy, which just breaks our heart

10. Reverting (verb) वापस लाया जा रहा: Tending to return to an earlier state

  • Meaning: Returning
  • Synonym: Backsliding, Lapse
  • Example: We may also be ageing in reverse, reverting to youthful behaviour

The Hindu Review July 2020: Download Monthly Hindu Review PDF

11. Apparently (adverb) जाहिरा तौर पर: Guess made on appearances

  • Meaning: Obviously
  • Synonyms: Evidently, Seemingly
  • Example: Party officials apparently released the vote totals after pressure from Sanders delegates

12. Assumed (verb) ग्रहण: Supposing to any case or situation 

  • Meaning: Supposed
  • Synonyms: Fictitious, Pretended
  • Example: He went home and assumed that would be the end of it.

13. Naively (adverb)भोलेपन से: Someone with lack of experience or wisdom  

  • Meaning: Impressed by exaggeration
  • Synonyms: Innocently, Unpretentiously
  • Example: He believed, naively, that she would leave him her money

14. Stimulants (noun) उत्तेजक: That increases activity, interest, or enthusiasm in an activity

  • Meaning: Something arousing action or activity
  • Synonyms: Encouragements, Instigations
  • Example: Population growth is a major stimulant to industrial development

15. Defectors (noun) दलबदलुओं: Favouring the opposing party

  • Meaning: Abandoning duty
  • Synonyms: Traitor, Rebel
  • Example: They accused the defectors of raising tensions and polluting the enviornment. 

16. Reckless (adjective) लापरवाह: Consequences of one’s careless actions 

  • Meaning: Careless
  • Synonyms: Thoughtless, Heedless, Incautious
  • Example: Some leaders are reckless squandering the public funds

17. Audacity (noun) धृष्टता: Aggressive or outright boldness.

  • Meaning: Daring, Boldness
  • Synonyms: Fearlessness, Impudence 
  • Example: She had the audacity to suggest I’d been carrying on with him 

18. Laced (verb) सजी: Something that takeover other’s presentation

  • Meaning: Tied or streaked
  • Synonyms: Patterned
  • Example: White blossoms with purple-laced petals

19. Delegitimse (verb): Destroying legitimacy

  • Meaning: Diminishing legal authority
  • Synonyms: Invalidate
  • Example: The country has been delegitimized by the world community”

20. Vulnerable (adjective) भेद्य: Facing situation where one is likely to meet with harm

  • Meaning: Endangered, Unsafe
  • Synonyms: Senstive, Liable, Exposed
  • Example: The scheme will help charities working with vulnerable adults and young people
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