The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- The Cost Of Peace | 15 September 2020

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- The Cost Of Peace | 15 September 2020

1. CeasefiresNoun (अस्त्रविराम) 

  • Meaning- Suspension of active hostilities
  • Synonyms- Armistice, Truce
  • Example- Reaching such a cease-fire deal is at the top of the agenda in Doha this weekend.

2. Concerns- Noun & Verb (चिंताओं)

  • Meaning– Particularly important, to be a care or distress to 
  • Synonyms– Worried, Pertain to
  • Example– Researchers are concerned that high-risk pregnancies are going undetected during the pandemic

3. Obstacles– Noun (रुकावट)

  • Meaning- Blockage
  • Synonyms- Crimp, Interference, Obstruction
  • Example- Lack of imagination is an obstacle to one’s advancement

4. Stipulated- Verb (अनुबंधित)

  • Meaning– Provision in agreement
  • Synonyms– Specify, Condition, Contract
  • Example– The race health protocol stipulates that all riders plus the staff members should be tested.

5. Reconciliation- Noun (पुनर्मेल )

  • Meaning– Re-establishment 
  • Synonyms– Rapprochement, Balancing
  • Example– The two sides are aiming for political reconciliation and an end to decades of violence, which began with the 1979 Soviet invasion.

6. Foreboding- Noun (पूर्वाभास )

  • Meaning- Feeling of Something to come
  • Synonyms- Premonition, Presentiment
  • Example– She had a sense of foreboding that her husband would meet with an accident.

7. Hostage- Noun (बंधक)

  • Meaning– Involuntarily controlled
  • Synonyms– Prisoner, Captive
  • Example– He ultimately wrecked the car he stole and killed himself, while his remaining hostage survived, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said.

8. Dealt (verb) निपटा

  • Meaning: Distributed, Shared 
  • Synonyms: Apportioned, Pareceled
  • Example: Some harsh lessons are being dealt out to two teenagers at the same moment

9. Negotiations- Noun (समझौता)

  • Meaning– Intend to agreement
  • Synonyms– Compromise, Accommodation
  • Example– The negotiations between national opposition political parties is not possible.

10. Grapple- Verb (पकड़ना )

  • Meaning– Bind closely
  • Synonyms– Contend, Make out, Cope
  • Example- The public fight is seen as destabilizing the government as it grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.

11. Insurgents- Noun (राजद्रोही )

  • Meaning– Opposition to civil authority
  • Synonyms– Seditious, Subversive
  • Example– He is said to carry the kind of influence that might keep far-flung and often very local insurgent cells united.

12. Inaugural- Adj. (आरम्भ)

  • Meaning– Characteristic of a formal induction
  • Synonyms– Initiative, Initiatory
  • Example– It appeared shortly afterward in “America Is Hard to See,” the inaugural show in the Whitney’s downtown location in 2015

13. Desirable- Adj. (इच्छा करने योग्य)

  • Meaning– Worth seeking or achieving
  • Synonyms- Coveted, Enviable, Preferred
  • Example- Put simply, there is no desirable scenario that does not involve a revitalized left in the United States and abroad.
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