Top to Total Scheme for Atmanirbhar Bharat

Learn about the Top to Total Scheme announced by the Finance Minister for Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan amid COVID-19 Pandemic.

Top to Total Scheme for Atmanirbhar Bharat- To had a hard time with perishable items are produced by the agricultural due to the existing broken supply chains. It rarely had a support in the favour of the farmers, who has to bore the brunt of losses in the present state of affairs. So, the Government of India has taken some steps to overcome with these problems and it is named ‘Operation Greens’. In this process, they discovered that biodegradable items such as fruits and vegetables that were observed in this process  have the involvement of tomatoes, onions, and potatoes well. The Finance Minister announced the Top To Total scheme during the third tranche of economic package.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s Fourth Tranche of Announcement on Economic Package with focus on Reforms

Nowadays, to make some source of earnings, farmers have started to gain the advantages of this scheme for the betterment of their life. Due to the problems that they have faced during this tough time, there is no facility of warehouses, no transportation, no good prices for their items and  the perennial debt that they would carry to the grave. The situation of some of the farmers will be voiced, and a few such tending to concerns will be settled if the plans are followed through.

Third Tranche of Centre’s Economic Package worth Rs. 20 Lakh Crore – FM Nirmala Sitharaman announce for Agriculture and allied activities

Top to Total

This plan is made in accordance with the vision which has been set by the prime minister for the nation. This plan was aimed at agricultural production and allied services.

  • Agriculture 
  • Fisheries
  • Food handling

To recognize the interruptions that were caused in the flexibility of the supply chain and amend and discover better and increasingly huge alternatives for the farmers to get their farm produce to sell better and get the worthy prices, a scheme of Rs.500 crore was introduced. There was a clear need to investigate the  distress sale that benefits when

  • There is overproduction
  •  Drop-in prices
  • Lockdown like situations 

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The farmer is in a dilemma at the loss of investment and speculation as it is highly unlikely he will have the option to recuperate the cost separated from immense losses and misfortunes, which makes them helpless against the loans obtained from banks. Numerous farmers at that point get tied up in awful obligation cycles that lead them to submit suicides. The COVID-19 reality has stared in the face and the acknowledgement that numerous such circumstances are not as disorderly as this, yet comparable conditions ought not to cause the interruption of the flexible supply chains: thus the ‘top to total’ scheme is presented in the favour of farmers. The consumers additionally will think that it is moderate to purchase in this sort of circumstances too.

What is Top to Total Scheme?

This plan presented will have

  • 50% subsidy and appropriation on transportation from the surplus to deficiency markets.
  • 50% subsidy and endowment on storage inclusive of cold warehouse facilities.

For a time of a half year, This scheme will be running on a pilot reason, and the outcomes will be surveyed to keep an eye on what results can be accomplished by it just as how it very well may be bettered and actualized in a progressively critical manner. With better outcomes, there will be an expansion of the scheme too. It is one of the significant strides in the decrease of wastage when such a large number of our kindred brethren are ruined and ailing health. The need of safeguard leafy foods and assist farmers with having any kind of effect in their lives also ready to arrive at more market is the progression towards progress. Which is the thing that the head administrator has emphasized in his discourse of making ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

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