India Surpasses China In Number Of Coronavirus Cases

India’s total novel coronavirus cases have risen to 85,940 on Saturday, thus surpassing the number of cases in China. Read this article to learn more about it

Latest data shows that India’s total novel corornavirus cases have rose to 85,940 on Saturday, thus surpassing the number of cases in China, the place consider to be the parent of this virus but  a strict lockdown there enforced since late March has reduced the rate of contagion. There is great urge from State leaders, businesses and working class Indians and they have infact called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reopen the lockdown in order to battered economy, but considering the current situation it is expected that government might extend the lockdown, which would otherwise expire on Sunday 17th May 2020, though with fewer restrictions. It has so far remove the restrictions from the places coming under green zone and there is an average movement in the orange zone. Areas which come under red zone are under strict surviellence. India has bravely fought this war against coronavirus So far because the death rate in India appears far better, according to health ministry data, with 2,752 fatalities reported, compared with China’s 4,600.

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Current Situation

This death toll is way lower than in the United States, United Kingdom and Italy. Before lockdown it took coronavirus cases 3 1/2 days to get double while currently it takes 11 days for the number of cases to double.

Early lockdown has helped to improve the situation. The period of lockdown is wisely used by the government to accelerate public health measures such as case detection, contact tracing, isolation and management of cases,” Vardhan said.Indian officials say the low death rate could be because a majority of people infected with the virus were either asymtomatic or had mild symptoms and that the vast shutdown imposed early on had helped avoid a major catastrophe.

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Statistics Related To Coronavirus

Majority of cases  are from the western state of Maharashtra, with Mumbai the worst hit by this deadly pandemic, followed by Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Delhi. These states are also the most important economic centres of the country, thus complicating the government’s task as it tries to re-open without triggering a big spurt in infections. The revoking of lockdown currently will be a big step for government which is unlikely to happen.

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“The total cases in India are rising on a daily basis at  3.8% (daily) – and this needs to fall to 0% and decline subsequently for the country to recover overall,” said Shamika Ravi, who is a Brookings expert and former member of the Indian Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council. India’s every growing population is one of the rising concern. The country has started the testing since the beginning of April to 100,000 this week, but with 1.3 billion people on a per capita basis  we are still doing much better and are  trailing far behind other major countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy.

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