When Coronavirus Pandemic is expected to end?

Check latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic and the answer to the burning question that when COVID-19 disease will come to an end across the globe?

When will coronavirus pandemic end? This is one major question that is on everyone’s mind right now. But is there any specific answer to this? Actually, there are assumptions but no one yet has come up with a concrete solution to this question. 

When a proper answer is not available, some of the assumptions that are being made can surely do some justice here. 

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The Summer Factor

It was initially estimated that the coronavirus will get defeated when summers will approach the Northern Hemisphere. But soon this assumption faded out because the virus seems to mutate and it is not sure whether this trick of summer is actually going to help or not. Also, even if the virus infection comes to a half or reduces during the summers, there are high chances that they will return back by spring.

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Vaccination and Drug

It is said that there is no other alternative other than having a vaccination ready as soon as possible for the virus to stop spreading out. Also, just having a vaccination will not help. It is important to get a herd immunity process so that viruses can be checked out. 

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So, how does herd immunity actually work?

Such a vaccination is offered to the people to increase their immunity system. This way when the virus comes in contact with the person who already has been vaccinated, the virus fades out or dies out as it will be not able to survive on the body of the person. This is the only way to defeat the virus from spreading out. 

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Apart from the vaccination for herd immunity, the experts are also working upon vaccinations and medicines that can be helpful in treating the patients who have already got infected by the virus. But getting a vaccination developed is not something that can be achieved in just a few days. It can take up months or even a year. 

Dr Michael Ryan responded to the comments made by US President Donald Trump on that virus that it may have emerged from a virology institute in China as being false, and that WHO believes the novel coronavirus is “natural in origin.” We don’t expect it to end completly anytime soon as WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently said he had “grave concerns about the potential impact” of the disease “as it starts to accelerate in countries with weaker health systems”.

What should be done now? 

Countries across the world at present have adopted the practice of social distancing. The Governments of different countries have announced the lockdown of the whole nation where schools, colleges, markets, offices, and all possible options of public gathering have been closed. This will let the people stay indoors and hence social distancing can be maintained. 

It has been known from past pandemics that social distancing is the only way to reduce the infection in case of contagious ones. Also, it has been noticed that it may take 12 months to as much as 36 months to control a pandemic. One of the recent examples in Swine Flu was noted in June 2009 and it came to a halt by August 2010 with the help of vaccinations. 

When will the restriction get removed?

It is not yet confirmed that if a place has got free from the virus, there will be no further cases again there. Though China is now free from the virus infection, it still has not lifted the restriction in a full-fledged way. They are still maintaining the rules of social distancing. 

COVID-19 Situation in Top-10 Worst Affected Countries

The data given below is as per 2 May 2020-

Of course, the lockdown scenario is causing harm to the economic condition of the nation, but it is important to take proper strategies to get both of them under control. One of the finest examples has been recently set by Germany. The country has made strategies that offered economic support to people as well as also controlled the spread of the coronavirus. Though there are no new cases updated in the country, it is still maintaining the strict restrictions and making up further strategies to combat the situation completely. 

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It is quite difficult to come to a conclusion right now about when the coronavirus pandemic will end. Testing and other developments are in progress but it is still not sure when actually the world will get rid of the pandemic. 

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