World Heritage Day 2020: History, Importance, Theme

The day of celebrating international monuments and sites is World Heritage Day. Every year on 18 April, people from all around the world celebrate this day by visiting heritage sites, monuments, round tables, taking conferences, and many more activities. 

Celebrating Monuments and Sites Day 2020: The World Heritage Day 

This day was proposed by the International Council on Monuments and Sites in 1982 and later got approved by the general assembly. The main aim is to make people aware of the different monuments of humanity, how vulnerable they are, and how you can prevent and protect it. 

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History of the World Heritage Day

The main motive to celebrate this important day is to preserve the heritage and recognize all efforts to do so. ICOMOS celebrated it for the first time on 18 April in 1982 to enhance awareness for the cultural heritage and conserving them. The principle for the establishment of ICOMOS organization was for the conservation and Restoration of the different historical sites and monuments, and thus, they took their first step in 1982. 

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World Heritage Day Theme

Every year we celebrate World Heritage Day on 18 April as a remark of preserving the heritage monuments. People, different cultural groups, Committees, and partners commemorate this special day. This time for the year 2020, the theme proposed for this day is for Shared Cultures, Shared Heritage, and shared responsibilities. It is an expression to define global unity among people. 

2020 invites people to discover unique ideas for sharing their thoughts on World Heritage. The theme focuses on maintaining good relationships between different groups and on asking them to show up, collect responsibility for caring, and to act as a safeguard for their heritage. It is to make them aware of the value of their historical culture, monuments, tradition, and sites. 

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Why is World Heritage Day celebrated?

The main motive is to make people aware of their heritage and let them know how important it is to prevent this heritage, diversity, and vulnerable monuments around. Also, it is essential to make people aware of it for conserving the heritage with different views every time. Thus 18 April is a remark for the annual event now. 

It is to fill people’s hearts with enthusiasm for contributing their best for saving their past belongings. The possible activities that humans conduct on this day are webinars, conferences, round tables, lectures, presentations, interviews, press releases, and much more. Even many people celebrate this by visiting their heritage sites. Many people also display their thoughts through poems, quotes, descriptions, and designing images for that. 

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Why is it important to celebrate World Heritage Day?

Once we become aware of the heritage, we will go back and learn about our history and traditions that people used to follow. It will help us know from where we received our lifestyle, language, and from where we came from. Heritage is the heart for our tradition and culture, and thus, it plays a vital role from politics, business, society, and world point of view. 

How many are World Heritage Sites present?

According to UNESCO, there are around 878 heritage sites in the world and have outstanding value in the whole universe. Out of these 878 sites, 20 heritage sites are present in the United States. Also, India features 38 World Heritage Sites defining for 30 different cultures followed, and one is for mixed criteria. With this number, India has become the sixth-largest number for featuring World Heritage Sites in the whole world. 

How can you celebrate this day?

The very first step is to take some initiative to make people aware of it. ICOMOS can let people publish on their website for their views on their heritage. Also, they can share activities within different cultural groups and so the ICOMOS family.

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