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Directions (1-5): In the question given below few sentences are given which are grammatically correct and meaningful. Connect them by the word given above the statements in the best possible way without changing the intended meaning. Choose the best possible combination as your answer accordingly from the options to form a correct, coherent sentence.

Q1. As If

(I) Lewis’s car is quicker than last year but it is moving zig-zag on the tracks.

(II) Mr. Samuel returned last night from Switzerland after enjoying a long trip with his family.

(III) It might have rained heavily last night here in Texas from dusk to dawn.

(IV) This was their third trip in recent years followed by trip to Japan and USA.

(a) only (I)-(II)

(b) only (II)-(IV)

(c) Both (I)-(III) and (II)-(IV)

(d) only (I)-(III)

(e) none of these

Q2.So That

(I) He would fail the blood test and get deprive of his hard-earned achievements earned during his career.

(II) Professional boxer Lucas who holds 25 records accused a big Russian political leader of spiking his steak.

(III) He lived the rest of his life in misery in the outskirts of Australia’s Great Sandy desert.

(a)Only (I)-(III)

(b)Only (II)-(I)

(c)Only (II)-(III)

(d)Both (II)-(I) and (II)-(III)

(e)All of the above

Q3. But

(I) Saudi energy minister said Public Sector oil giant Saudi Aramco could go public this year by floating its IPO.

(II) The Union government is weighing their concerns against the benefits of competition, which has led to a sharp fall in prices.

(III) Waiting for optimal time as markets are showing negative trends at this time of year.

(IV) The entry of China’s giant e-vehicles company BYD in India by bagging large tenders for electric buses is worrying Indian auto majors.

(a) only (I)-(II)

(b) only (I)-(III)

(c) only (IV)-(III)

(d) both (I)-(III) and (IV)-(II)

(e) none of these

Q4. Until

(I) The preventive measure in the form of custody without bail shall be applicable to Savchenko, who needs to be arrested in the courtroom

(II) After May 20, 2018, this decision may be appealed in a court of appeals within five days since the date of its announcement

(III) Ukrainian Member of Parliament NadiiaSavchenko, a former pilot released from a Russian prison as part of an exchange of prisoners of war, has been arrested by a Ukrainian court for 59 days without bail on charges of plotting a coup and an act of terror in Ukraine

(IV) Savchenko announced in the courtroom she would go on hunger strike. She assured she did not plan to flee Ukraine

(a) only (III)-(II)

(b) only (I)-(II)

(c) only (IV)-(II)

(d) only (I)-(IV)

(e) none of these

Q5. Whether…or

(I) After a string of disgraces Peru’s Congress is deliberately considering Kuczynski’s resignation.

(II) President Kuczynski’s resignation is termed as biggest political drama in recent years.

(III) Vice President Martin Vizcarra is set to be sworn in Friday as Peru’s leader and form a cabinet as the nation seeks to turn the page on the continent-wide Carwash bribery scandal.

(IV) Opposition politicians signaled they are ready to work with Vizcarra to ease tensions that twice brought Kuczynski to the verge of impeachment.

(a) only (I)-(III)

(b) only (I)-(II)

(c) only (IV)-(II)

(d) both (I)-(II) and (IV)-(II)

(e) none of these

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