English Quiz 26th May- English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims 2020

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Direction (1-5): In each of the question given below a word is given in bold. Each word is followed by four sentences which contains that word. You have to choose the sentence in which this word is not used properly and is making it incorrect contextually

(a) Vice President Naidu is deeply languished by the loss of lives and devastation caused to crops and public & private properties by Amphan cyclone in West Bengal.
(b) For years, the request languished on the desks of a succession of ministers of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
(c) SC gave a direction to the government to take appropriate steps to ensure that all the necessary and emergency service facilities are made available to Indians languishing in detention camps in Kuwait.
(d) Protest against West Bengal government continues as relief work languishes, deployment of Indian Army requested.
(e) All are correct

(a) Palliative care is part and parcel of treatment for any patient for any disease at any stage, for any age.
(b) We included data on oesophageal and gastric operations for malignant and benign disease with palliative or curative intent.
(c) The club is palliative of local junior golfers by inviting young players and high school students to play the course free of charge.
(d) Because of his unresponsiveness to treatment and further progression of disease, the patient chose to receive only palliative medical care.
(e) All are correct

(a) A new security advisory addresses a vulnerability that could be exploited to cause a denial-of-service attack.
(b) The current vote by mail system is not vulnerable to those with visual impairments or other severe physical disabilities
(c) A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability allows an attacker to inject a malicious script on a vulnerable web page
(d) The list highlights the vulnerabilities leveraged by foreign cyber actors when targeting both public and private sector organizations.
(e) All are correct

(a) This report suggests that pediatric patients with cancer may not be more vulnerable than other children to infection or morbidity resulting from SARS-CoV-2.
(b) No change in affective illness morbidity was observed in the group where the lithium dose was not altered.
(c) We investigated whether weight loss affects lung function, morbidity, symptoms, or health status in obese asthmatic people.
(d) In particular, the expansion of natural resource-based industries, like tanning and mining, fostered considerable morbidity.
(e) All are correct

(a) Food losses and waste, diet-related health impacts are further undesired consequences of unsustainable food systems.
(b) Generating power through the use of fossil fuels is both unsustainable and environmentally damaging.
(c) We are increasingly conscious of mounting evidence that our energy models are unsustainable.
(d) They noticed an unsustainable parked vehicle start to move across the parking lot and stopped when it struck another parked vehicle.
(e) All are correct

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