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How long it takes to prepare for JAIIB?

JAIIB Exam 2023

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance(IIBF) conducts JAIIB( Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of the Bankers), a flagship course twice every year in the months of May and October. To qualify for JAIIB Exam 2023 candidates have to appear for four papers which are Indian Economy and Indian Financial System (IE & IFS), Principles and Practices of Banking(PPB), Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers (AFM), and Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBWM). How long it takes to prepare for JAIIB is the most common question asked by JAIIB aspirants. We have tried to answer this question of the candidate through this article. To crack the upcoming JAIIB exam aspirants need to start their preparation and at least devote 3-4 hours on a daily basis to their preparation.  The candidates have sufficient time for preparation which should be utilized properly and smartly.

JAIIB Exam Date 2023


How long it takes to prepare for JAIIB?

The main purpose of JAIIB Exam is to provide basic knowledge of banking and financial services. For a candidate first thing is to know the syllabus which stands as the backbone of the exam. Syllabus for JAIIB Exam is vast. When a candidate go through the syllabus clarity and understanding of the exam increases. As the question arises how long it takes to prepare for JAIIB?  It takes minimum 9 to 10 months to clear both JAIIB and CAIIB Examination and the maximum can be lifetime. A total period of 1 year can be given to qualify both these exams. So it completely depends on one’s skill and knowledge.

JAIIB Exam 2023: Preparation Strategy

In order to clear JAIIB Exam 2023 candidates should strategize their study plan in a right method. Aspirants just need to put their all efforts without worrying about the duration and the result will be automatically in their favor. The focus should be mainly on regular preparation by taking out time from the busy schedule. The following tips will help get a candidate easy score in less time:

  • First make sure that you have proper resources and a proper study plan to crack JAIIB Exam 2023.
  • Select a standard book prescribed by IIBF or you can through E Books, video classes or attend live sessions of ADDA 247 which can also be helpful in your preparation.
  • Divide the syllabus into small parts and then focus on each part as every module is important.
  • Questions can be static or can be related to current development and issues of the banking industry
  • At a time take a chapter, go through it completely and make short notes of it for quick revision afterwards.
  • Take a regular visit of the official websites of IIBF,RBI,SEBI,BIS,IRDAI,FEDAI for any new update.
  • Make proper notes such as of formulas for last minute revision.
  • Solve previous year papers to get familiarize with the exam pattern.
  • Practice as many MCQs as you can and for building more confidence aspirants should give online mock examinations.
  • Regular practice with the right mock gives the best result. we are providing you with the best mock test series for your preparation. Practice with this mock test as much as possible, it gives an idea of the question format and also improves the speed and accuracy in the exam.



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How long it takes to prepare for JAIIB? |_4.1


How many papers are there in the JAIIB Exam 2023?

There are 4 papers in JAIIB Exam 2023.

When is JAIIB Exam 2023 scheduled?

JAIIB Exam 2023 is scheduled in October.

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