India Ranked 31st in INFORM Risk Index 2020

INFORM Report 2020: Shared evidence for managing crises and disasters

In accordance with the “INFORM Report 2020: Shared evidence for managing crises and disasters” released by research centre INFORM, operating under the European Commission (EU). The report has analyzed 191 countries. The report ranked the countries based on “INFORM Risk Index” which has been topped by Somalia with an inform risk of 8.9.

India has ranked at 31st place with an inform risk of 5.4, means risk of humanitarian crises and disasters. North Korea ranks among the most dangerous places to live as its people are exposed to high risks of natural disaster, poverty and social injustice. North Korea was rated as the 39th most dangerous place. This report is produced by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) on behalf of all INFORM Partners.

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About INFORM Risk Index:

The INFORM Risk Index is the first global, objective and transparent tool for understanding the risk of humanitarian crises and disasters. It can help identify where and why a crisis might occur, which means we can reduce the risk, build peoples’ resilience and prepare better for when crises do happen. A higher figure means more exposure to risks. The report considers the following while framing the index.

  • Natural Factors: Tsunami, Earthquake, Drought, Flood, Epidemic and Tropical Cyclones.
  • Human Factors: Human Conflicts and conflict risks.
    Socio-Economic factors: Inequality, vulnerable people, deprivation and aid dependency.
  • Institutional: DRR, Governance.
  • Infrastructure: Communication, Physical infrastructure, Access to health system.

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Ranks of Top 10 Countries in INFORM Risk Index:

Rank Country Inform Risk
1st Somalia 8.9
2nd Central African Republic 8.6
3rd South Sudan & Yemen 8.1
4th Afghanistan 8.0
5th Chad & Syria 7.3
6th Congo DR & Iraq 7.0
7th Ethiopia , Nigeria & Sudan 6.9
8th Niger 6.7
9th Haiti 6.6
10th Uganda 6.5
31st India 5.4

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INFORM is a multi-stakeholder forum for developing shared, quantitative analysis relevant to humanitarian crises and disasters. INFORM includes organisations from across the multilateral system, including the humanitarian and development sector, donors, and technical partners. The Joint Research Center of European Commission is the scientific and technical lead for INFORM.

INFORM is developing a suite of quantitative, analytical products to support decision-making on humanitarian crises and disasters. These help make decisions at different stages of the disaster management cycle, specifically prevention, preparedness and response. INFORM develops methodologies and tools for use at the global level and also supports their application at subnational level.

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