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International Asteroid Day 2022, Theme, History & Significance

International Asteroid Day 2022:Every year on June 30, International Asteroid Day is celebrated worldwide to mark the anniversary of the Tunguska event which took place in 1908. The first Asteroid Day was observed on 30th June 2015 but the first International Asteroid Day took place on 30th June 2016. International Asteroid Day is commemorated to create awareness among the public about asteroids and its hazardous impacts. Asteroid are the small, rocky objects present in our Solar System. They revolve around the sun like the planets but in size they are smaller than the planets. Asteroids are located in the main asteroid belt which ranges from the orbit of Mars to Jupiter. To know about the History, Significance, and Theme of World Asteroid Day 2022 one must go through the article below.

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International Asteroid Day 2022 in Hindi

International Asteroid Day 2022: History

Association of Space Explorers along with the support of Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space(COPUOS) led a proposal to celebrate World Asteroid Day. On hearing their idea a Resolution A/RES/71/90 was passed by the United Nations General Assembly in which it was decided to observe June 30 as International Asteroid Day in 2016. On 30th June, 1908 Tunguska impacted over the forest of Siberia so to celebrate the anniversary this particular date was chosen as International Asteroid Day or World Asteroid Day.

Dr. Brian May, Queen guitarist and Astrophysicist along with Danica Remy, President of the B612 Foundation, Apollo 9 Astronaut Rusty Schweickart, and filmmaker Grig Richters founded International Asteroid Day to aware the public about the importance of Asteroids in the Universe Formation as well as signify their place in the Solar System. To protect the Earth from the striking of an asteroid the B612 Organization informs and advances global decision making on planetary Defence Concerns.

International Asteroid Day 2022: Significance

To throw light upon the importance as well as the hazardous effects of Asteroid International Asteroid Day or World Asteroid Day is celebrated. Millions of asteroids revolve around the sun and till now the scientists are able to discover only one percent of them. To protect the earth from the striking of an asteroid scientists have decided to increase the rate of their discovery. International Asteroid Day makes them remember their words.

People should be aware about the constructive as well as destructive effects of asteroid and for creating this awareness International Asteroid Day is commemorated. A Science Fiction Film, 51 Degrees North which convey about the threats that an asteroid posses to Earth and the ways to protect ourselves. Events are organized on the eve of International Asteroid Day to educate the people about the Asteroids.

International Asteroid Day 2022: Theme

The theme of International Asteroid Day 2022 is “Small is Beautiful”. Asteroids have hazardous impacts but when scientists have a close look the asteroids really fascinate them and this is mainly highlighted in the theme of International Asteroid Day 2022. People should learn about these small and beautiful asteroids through the books and contents available on the internet to know more of its impact.

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FAQs: International Asteroid Day 2022

Q.1 When is International Asteroid Day celebrated?

Ans. International Asteroid Day is celebrated every year on 30th June.

Q.2 When was first Asteroid Day observed?

Ans. The first Asteroid Day was observed on June 30, 2015.

Q.3 What is the theme of International Asteroid Day 2022?

Ans. The Theme of International Asteroid Day 2022 is “Small is Beautiful”.

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