Is IBPS Prepared To conduct Exams In Middle Of COVID-19 Crisis?

IBPS has released the Notification for two of its most sought after recruitment process namely: IBPS RRB 2020 & IBPS PO 2020. The dates of IBPS RRB were not mentiond earlier but recently its dates have been declared. Similarly for IBPS PO as well the dates are released and exam is scheduled to be conducted in October 2020. One of the question that students are asked us is –  Is IBPS Prepared to conduct Exam in Middle of Coronavirus Crisis? or Will the exam be conducted on the mentioned dates or not? In this space we will try to answer this question considering all the factors. Let’s take a look

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Is IBPS Prepared to conduct Exams in Middle of COVID-19 Crisis?

Breaking The Rules

As the Covid-19 precaution clearly states that one should stay at home and avoid the crowded place, we feel that the very first rule of avoiding the crowd will be hampered here as centres will be flooded with students and their respective parents.

Unavailability Of Transportation

All the public transportations means getting in touch with thousands of unknown people and also Metro is still unavailable thus causing a havoc among candidates as to how they will reach the exam centre on time. There are times when centres are far away and but nearby metro station can easily be traced and one can easily reach his/her destination. With other transporation system like: Bus and Personal Auto will not be of much ease.

Following The guidelines

IBPS has released a set of guidelines for the students and measures that need to be taken during the conduction of exam. Some of them are given below:

  • Things that are compulsory to bring are: Mask and gloves (compulsory), Personal small Hand sanitizer (50 ml), Transparent water bottle
  • It is mandatory for the candidate to carry an N95 mask and wearing them during the entire exam time is compulsory.
  • There will be rough sheets kept on the exam bench of the candidates beforehand and no extra sheet will be issued afterwards. 
  • It is mentioned that once the exam will be completed,  the candidate have to drop their sheets in the disposal box kept at the exit of the exam hall. 
  • It is important for candidate must move in a row with an orderly manner avoiding crowding and maintaining a social distance.
  • Make sure to use hand sanitizer after every 10-15 minutes to prevent the risk of the spread of the virus.

From the above mentioned guidelines, IBPS seems to be prepared for the exam and so do you. Students are advised to keep studying, if exam dates happen to postpone, the information will be updated here. Till then, do not assume anything by your own and stop stuyding!

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