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JAIIB PPB Topic Wise Weightage & Preparation Strategy

JAIIB PPB Topic Wise Weightage & Preparation Strategy

Candidates aspiring for the JAIIB PPB Exam 2023 must know the weightage of all the topics of PPB and should follow a proper preparation strategy to qualify for JAIIB PPB Exam 20223. After knowing the JAIIB PPB Topic Wise Weightage aspirants get an idea of the topics important from the examination point of view. Each and every topic has its significance in the JAIIB PPB Exam and the aspirants should have a clear concept of all the topics. In this article we have discussed the JAIIB PPB Topic Wise Weightage and also the Preparation Strategy.

JAIIB PPB Topic Wise Weightage

The Principles and Practices of Banking(PPB) Paper of JAIIB has 4 Modules which are: General Banking Operations, Functions of Banks, Banking Technology, and, Ethics in Bank and Financial Institutions. Each Module of JAIIB has a certain number of topics and question from every topic is covered in the JAIIB PPB Exam. After doing the analysis of the previously conducted JAIIB Exams we have also provided the number of questions asked from every topic.

JAIIB PPB Topic Wise Weightage
Topic No. of Questions 1/2 Marks Questions  1 Marks Questions 2 Marks Questions
Indian Financial System, Banking Regulation 2 2
Retail Banking, Wholesale and International Banking 1 1
Role of Money Markets, Debt Markets and Forex Market 3 2 1
Role and Functions of Capital Markets, SEBI 5 3 1 1
Mutual Funds and Insurance Companies, Bancassurance and IRDA 4 3 1
Factoring, Forfaiting Services and Off- Balance Sheet Items 2 1 1
Risk Management, Basel Accords 3 1 1 1
CIBIL, Fair Practices Code for Debt Collection, BCSBI 3 1 1 1
Recent Developments in the Financial System 4 3 1
KYC/AML/CFT Norms, Banker’s Special Relationship 4 1 2 1
Consumer Protection-COPRA, Banking Ombudsman Scheme, Banker Customer Relationship 4 1 2 1
Payment and Collection of Cheques and other Negotiable Instruments 3 2 1
Opening Accounts of various types of Customers 4 1 2 1
Ancillary Services, Cash Operations 1 1
Principles of Lending, Working Capital Assessment and Credit Monitoring 3 1 2
Priority Sector Advances 5 2 2 1
Agricultural Finance, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 3 2 1
Government Sponsored Schemes 4 2 1 1
Credit Cards, Home Loans, Personal Loans, Consumer Loans, Documentation 4 3 1
Different Modes of Charging Securities, Types of Collaterals and their characteristics 4 3 1
Non Performing Assets 5 2 2 1
Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy, Self Help Groups 3 2 1
Essentials of Bank Computerization, Payment Systems and Electronic Banking 6 3 2 1
Data Communication Network and EFT Systems, Role of Technology Upgradation and its impact on Banks 5 3 2
Security Considerations, Overview of IT Act, Preventive Vigilance in Electronic Banking 6 4 1 1
Marketing- An Introduction, Social Marketing/ Networking 4 4
Consumer Behavior and Product, Pricing, Distribution, Channel Management 5 4 1
Promotion, Role of Direct Selling Agent/ Direct Marketing Agent in a Bank, Marketing Information Systems-a longitudinal Analysis 6 4 1 1
Ethics in Bank and Financial Institutions 5 4 1
Ethical Dimensions- Employee, Work Ethic and the Work Place 3 2 1
Work Ethics and Workplace, Banking Ethics 6 5 1

JAIIB PPB Preparation Strategy

To prepare for the JAIIB PPB Exam aspirants must follow a right preparation Strategy. We have listed some points which will help you in building your strategy for preparation.

  • Plan your own Study Plan– The banking employees have a hectic work schedule but they need to make their own study plan. Not only just make the study plan but also implement it.
  • Go through the complete syllabus- The syllabus of JAIIB PPB is vast and there are many topics. One need to go through the complete syllabus and then make your study plan accordingly.
  • Refer the JAIIB Latest Study Material- To prepare for the JAIIB Exam 2023 you should refer the latest and the best study material. In today’s time many study materials are available over the Internet but one should prefer only the authentic one.
  • Attend topic wise mock and full-length Mock Tests- To analyze your performance attend the topic wise as well as full length mock tests. Mock Tests will give you the feel of real exam. After giving the mock tests analyzing your strength and weakness is utmost important.
  • Impart Time for Revision- To crack JAIIB PPB Exam an aspirant must devote time to revision. To remember the topics you need to revise them at regular interval.



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What are the strategies that an aspirant must follow to prepare for JAIIB PPB Exam 2023?

The strategies that an aspirant must follow to prepare for JAIIB PPB Exam 2023 are mentioned above in the article.

Do all the modules of JAIIB PPB have equal weightage?

Yes, all the modules of JAIIB PPB have equal weightage.

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