The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- Digging deeper: On GST compensation | 29 July

The Hindu Editorial Article of 29th July 2020 – Digging deeper: On GST compensation.

regime (noun) व्यवस्था
Meaning:- a system or ordered way of doing things.
Synonyms:- management, reign, rule
Example:- It was a regime which delighted to honour men of Don Carlos’s stamp.

ramp-up (noun) बढ़ाना
Meaning:- a large increase in activity or in the level of something

detrimental (adjective) हानिकारक
Meaning:- tending to cause harm.
Synonyms:- adverse, destructive, disturbing
Antonyms:- aiding, assisting, favorable
Example;- That brings about a confusion and a disorder which must be detrimental.

levy (verb) उगाही
Meaning:- impose (a tax, fee, or fine).
Synonyms:- burden, duty, excise
Example;- Their last attempt was to levy a duty upon the things that were re-embarked.

sin (noun) के बिना
Meaning:- an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.
Synonyms:- crime, error, evil
Antonyms:- advantage, good, good deed
Example;- They were sick-and so were the purest of their brethren—with the plague of sin.

waylay (verb) घात में रहना
Meaning:- stop or interrupt (someone) and detain them in conversation or trouble them in some other way.
Synonyms:- accost, ambuscade, assail
Antonyms:- allow, forward
Example;- I warn you that I shall lay all manner of traps, waylay your messengers, bribe them.

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Article from- The Hindu Editorial

dent (verb) काटने का निशान
Meaning:- have an adverse effect on; diminish.
Synonyms:- nick, dig, dimple
Antonyms:- fill, flush, bulge
Example;- Frank wondered at his uncle’s caution, for Mr. Dent was not usually nervous.

curb (verb) रोकने
Meaning:- restrain or keep in check.
Synonyms:- constrain, contain, control, hamper
Antonyms:- advance, aid, allow
Example;- The cobblestones had gone, and from curb to curb stretched smooth asphalt.

discretionary (adjective) विवेकाधीन
Meaning:- available for use at the discretion of the user.
Synonyms:- unrestricted, at the call
Antonyms:- nondiscretionary
Example;- The persons entrusted with them have no discretionary power.

plug (verb) खामियों को दूर
Meaning:- block or fill in (a hole or cavity).
Synonyms:- bung, connection, cork
Antonyms:- mouth, opening
Example;- The ordinary “plug hat” was known to these people, but not an opera hat.

unintended (adjective) अनायास ही
Meaning:- not planned or meant.
Synonyms:- accidental, inadvertent, unexpected
Antonyms:- expected, intentional, planned
Example;- Which speech had the unintended effect of making Saurin more exasperated than ever.

contingent (adjective) आकस्मिक
Meaning:- occurring or existing only if (certain circumstances) are the case; dependent on.
Synonyms:- unforeseen, accidental, chance
Antonyms:- designed, essential
Example;- The contingent numbered sixteen Europeans, and about 350 natives.

convene (verb) बुलाना
Meaning:- come or bring together for a meeting or activity; assemble.
Synonyms:- assemble, gather, open
Antonyms:- disperse, divide
Example;- Don’t you think we had better put our wraps away and convene?

conundrum (noun) पहेली
Meaning:- a confusing and difficult problem or question.
Synonyms:- enigma, mystery
Example;- This may be a good solution, viewing the problem as a conundrum: but it is not scientific.

thrown up ( phrasal verb) फेंकना
Meaning:- to produce new problems or ideas

mandarins (noun) दिग्गज
Meaning:- a powerful official or senior bureaucrat, especially one perceived as reactionary and secretive.
Synonyms:- sage, chief executive

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