The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- Safety Deficit | 10 August

The Hindu Editorial Article of 10 August 2020 – Safety Deficit.

Deficit (noun) कमी
Meaning:- the amount by which something, especially a sum of money, is too small.
Synonyms:- loss, shortfall, arrears
Antonyms:- abundance, adequacy, advantage
Example:- Their credit for 1901 was $10392, thus leaving a deficit for the beginning of the next year.

Aviation (noun) विमान वहन
Meaning:- the flying or operating of aircraft.
Synonyms:- aeronautics, navigation, aerodynamics
Example:- This proposition is one of keen interest in connection with aviation.

Avert (verb) टालना
Meaning:- prevent or ward off (an undesirable occurrence).
Synonyms:- avoid, deter, fend off
Antonyms:- aid, allow, assist
Example:- If they tremble down the fine-skinned cheek, let us avert our gaze.

Snuff (verb) बुझाना
Meaning:- kill or put an end to in an abrupt or sudden manner.
Synonyms:- extinguish, detect
Example:- When he had said it, he took a culminating pinch of snuff, and put his box in his pocket.

Traumatic (adjective) दर्दनाक
Meaning:- deeply disturbing or distressing.
Synonyms:- awful, chilling, disquieting
Antonyms:- calming, good
Example:- It is also suitable for cases of traumatic and paralytic origin.

Carved (adjective) खुदी हुई
Meaning:- (of a hard material) cut or engraved to produce an object, design, or inscription.
Synonyms:- chiseled, engraved, sculpted
Example:- On the wall opposite the house the name of “Gladstone” is carved.

Undulating (adjective) घबराना
Meaning:- having a smoothly rising and falling form or outline.
Synonyms:- rolling, waving, undulant
Example:- On the other side were undulating pasture-lands on which grazed a few sheep.

Terrain (noun) इलाक़ा
Meaning:- a stretch of land, especially with regard to its physical features.
Synonyms:- area, contour, field, ground
Antonyms:- sky
Example:- There came a new swaying that was not the roughness of the terrain.

Optimal (adjective) इष्टतम
Meaning:- best or most favourable; optimum.
Synonyms:- ace, best
Example:- Alan went back to the map, realigning the laptop for optimal reception again.

Overshooting (verb) पार कर जाना
Meaning:- go past (an intended stopping or turning point) inadvertently.
Synonyms:- leave, skip, abandon
Antonyms:- uphold, address, decline
Example:- For an instant he had a quick fear that he might overshoot his mark.

Falling off (noun) अलग होना
Meaning:- a decrease in something.
Synonyms:- diminish, lessen, wane
Antonyms:- enlarge, extend, grow

Disclosure (noun) प्रकटीकरण
Meaning:- the action of making new or secret information known.
Synonyms:- acknowledgment, admission, confession
Antonyms:- concealment, denial, secret
Example:- If there’s no guilt on your part, the disclosure can’t harm you.

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Article from- The Hindu Editorial

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Anxious (adjective) चिंतित
Meaning:- feeling or showing worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.
Synonyms:- afraid, apprehensive, careful, concerned
Antonyms:- bold, brave, calm, collected
Example:- I have been most anxious to give your feelings their full bent.

Persist (verb) दृढ़ रहना
Meaning:- continue in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
Synonyms:- continue, endure, go on, linger
Antonyms:- cease, discontinue
Example:- Why should she persist in this eternal search for this impossible condition?

Diversion (noun) परिवर्तन
Meaning:- the action of turning something aside from its course.
Synonyms:- aberration, departure, detour
Antonyms:- conformity, sameness
Example:- There was, he contended, some diversion and diversity in card-playing.

Pose (verb) स्थिति
Meaning:- present or constitute (a problem or danger).
Synonyms:- mannerism, mien, posture
Antonyms:- honesty, reality, truth
Example:- There was no change in the face or pose of the man who listened to the reading.

Meteorological (adjective) मौसमविज्ञान-संबंधी
Meaning:- relating to the branch of science concerned with the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere, especially as a means of forecasting the weather.
Synonyms:- climatic, aerial
Antonyms:- down-to-earth, grounded

Stagnation (noun) स्थिरता
Meaning:- the state of not flowing or moving.
Synonyms:- sluggishness, calm
Antonyms:- boom, rise
Example:- True, we have come far from the days of stagnation and despair.

Skid (verb) फिसलने की क्रिया
Meaning:- (of a vehicle) slide, typically sideways or obliquely, on slippery ground or as a result of stopping or turning too quickly.
Synonyms:- drift, glide
Example:- The skid at which he had pointed was loaded with cases of M504 submachine guns.

Diminishes (verb) घटाना
Meaning:- make or become less.
Synonyms:- abate, curtail, decline
Antonyms:- develop, enlarge, expand
Example:- A difference which increases, rather than diminishes the monarch’s authority.

Remedial (adjective) उपचारात्मक
Meaning:- giving or intended as a remedy or cure.
Synonyms:- corrective, therapeutic, alleviative
Antonyms:- harmful, hurtful, injurious
Example:- The remedial measures are in each case too obvious to mention.

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