The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- Trouble in Nepal | 30 July

The Hindu Editorial Article of 30th July 2020 – Trouble in Nepal.

oust (verb) बेदख़ल
Meaning:- drive out or expel (someone) from a position or place.
Synonyms:- lose, remove, sack, topple
Antonyms:- hire, place
Example:- She sought to oust them by thinking of any one else, of Aggie, of Joe.

raging (adjective) प्रकोप
Meaning:- continuing with great force or intensity.
Synonyms:- enraged, furious, seething, stormy
Antonyms:- calm, mild
Example:- Night came on and with it a blinding snow storm and a raging wind.

faction (noun) गुट
Meaning:- a small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics.
Synonyms:- bloc, clan, gang
Antonyms:- individual, whole
Example:- The Greenwich faction knew how to take advantage of this disposition.

put off (noun) स्थगित
Meaning:- an off-putting or unpleasant quality or feature.
Synonyms:- adjourn, hold off, postpone
Antonyms:- carry out, continue

contention (noun) विवाद
Meaning:- heated disagreement.
Synonyms:- argument, conflict, controversy, dispute
Antonyms:- accord, agreement, harmony
Example:- Passages taken at haphazard will suffice to establish my contention.

roil (verb) चिढ़ा हुआ
Meaning:- make (someone) annoyed or irritated.
Synonyms:- disturb, rile
Antonyms:- aid, calm
Example:- I know you told me not to roil round and so forth, but I knew you didn’t mean it.

autocratic (adjective) एकतंत्र
Meaning:- relating to a ruler who has absolute power.
Synonyms:- arbitrary, dictatorial, domineering
Antonyms:- democratic
Example:- The answer was covered by the autocratic clang on the engine-room gong.

renege (verb) इनकार
Meaning:- renounce or abandon.
Synonyms:- default, reverse
Example:- I treated them two or three times and never once did they renege.

conspiracy (noun) साजिश
Meaning:- the action of plotting or conspiring.
Synonyms:- plot, scheme, sedition
Antonyms:- faithfulness, honesty, ignorance
Example:- There had been a conspiracy against him; he was outwitted, robbed, befooled.

allude (verb) संकेत
Meaning:- suggest or call attention to indirectly; hint at.
Synonyms:- advert, imply
Example:- She could not allude to such things without at least a possibility of response.

machinations (noun) साजिश
Meaning:- a plot or scheme.
Synonyms:- conspiracy, intrigue, ploy
Antonyms:- frankness, honesty, ignorance
Example:- What protection had the defenceless child that had been I against these machinations?

disquiet (noun) बेचैनी
Meaning:- a feeling of worry or unease.
Synonyms:- angst, anxiety, ferment
Antonyms:- calm, calmness, contentedness
Example:- At the time, these new views and the tone of our talk helped to disquiet me.

warring (adjective) युद्धरत
Meaning:- (of two or more people or groups) in conflict with each other.
Synonyms:- belligerent, battling, fighting
Example:- It was the signal; like warring currents of the sea the two forces clashed.

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Article from- The Hindu Editorial

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petulant (adjective) ढीठ
Meaning:- (of a person or their manner) childishly sulky or bad-tempered.
Synonyms:- cranky, fractious, impatient
Antonyms:- agreeable, cheerful, happy
Example:- She shrugged her shoulders with a petulant pessimism her youth made amusing.

politburo (noun)
Meaning:- the principal policymaking committee of a communist party.
Synonyms:- commission committee
Example:- according to China Central Television, which cited a politburo meeting.

elite (noun) अभिजात वर्ग
Meaning:- a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.
Synonyms:- exclusive, choice, cool
Antonyms:- bad, inferior
Example:- The Elite Confectionery will occupy these premises Dec. 10th.

tussle (noun) संघर्ष
Meaning:- a vigorous struggle or scuffle, typically in order to obtain or achieve something.
Synonyms:- strife, battle, brush, clash
Antonyms:- agreement, harmony
Example:- Just a bit of a tussle now and then to keep you from dropping off.

contend (verb) तर्क दिया
Meaning:- struggle to surmount (a difficulty).
Synonyms:- argue, confront, cope, dispute
Antonyms:- agree, comply, go along
Example:- You are your mother’s girl, think what you will; and have violent spirits to contend with.

mosaic (noun) मौज़ेक
Meaning:- a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of stone, tile, glass, etc.
Synonyms:- patchwork, checker
Example:- The mosaic border to the frame is quite unique in its design.

deftly (adverb) चतुराई से
Meaning:- in a way that is neatly skillful and quick in movement.
Synonyms:- ably, adroitly, aptly
Antonyms:- awkwardly, clumsily, unskillfully
Example:- She stood out in the corridor while this was deftly and swiftly done.

delicacy (noun) विनम्रता
Meaning:- fineness or intricacy of texture or structure.
Synonyms:- elegance, fragility, lightness
Antonyms:- strength, coarseness, heaviness
Example:- I have a feeling of delicacy about trying to see you again so soon.

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