Tips To Solve Cloze Test Questions In English Section- English Grammar Lesson For Beginners

If you are a banking aspirant then you must be knowing that Cloze Test is one of the most commonly asked topic in banking exams. Either you are appearing for prelims or mains, you will find this topic in both the recruitment stages. It carries a lot of marks and can fetch some very good marks. This is kind of similar to Reading comprehension except the fact that questions asked in this are in the form of fill in the blanks as it aims to tests a candidates understanding of the passage, grammatical skills and vocabulary, and like RC.

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What Is Cloze Test?

A cloze test can be defined as a passage in which certain set of words are missing and students are expected to fill those blanks. Students are expected to logically connect the words with each other to  have a well-defined structure and pattern and follow a chronological order and students are expected to find some of the missing sentences of the same. The most suitable option must be selected maintaining a unified tone throughout the passage of the Cloze Test.

Types Of Cloze Tests

Given below are the types of Cloze tests that are asked in the examination:

  • Find the Sentence that logically follows
  • Find a suitable Substitute  for already given line.
  • Error detection in the highlighted sentence

The above types are based on the  types of cloze test which we have seen. It is important to note the difficulty level of this topic that is increased by giving the option of ‘No changes required’ option. It is important for students to mark the option right and one can only achieve it by being well-verse in all aspect of grammar only then you can solve this topic with ease.

How to Solve Cloze Test In English Section?

Step 1: Find the theme 

First stage is to understand the theme of the passage and this is where students usually commit mistake and  they read the first line only and start solving the cloze test. Read the whole passage carefully to learn about the theme of the passage. Finding the theme will help you to find answers in a better way and will also help you in substitution method.

Step 2: Tone of the Passage 

Once you are done with the reading the passage and finding the theme, the next step calls for the tone of the passage because the author of a passage writes it with certain though process and that thought process further build the tone of the passage. Tone refers to the thought process with which it has been written like: is it sarcastic, funny, narrative etc and also Their is a chronological order in which the pattern is written and identifying the pattern in the sentence will help you get an idea of the kind of word that you need to fill; whether it is a noun/pronoun/verb/preposition/conjunction/article, etc.

Let’s Understand it with an Example:

Use Of Articles: She opened ___ bed and took ___ pillow out

Solution: She opened the bed and took the pillow out

Step 4: Elimination Method

To increase the difficulty level of the exam, often the options given are so close that it becomes very difficult to  to spot the answers. Elimination method can be used to discard answers that are most definitely wrong and out of context.


Roy likes his Coffee steaming ____.

Options: (a). Cold (b) Hot (c). Lukewarm (d) None of the above

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Step 5: Finding the right  word

The tone and theme can come to your rescue if you are unable to find the right word  for example- If the tone of the passage is negative then just look for a word that conveys the negative meaning out of the given option and vice-versa

Final step: Final Reading 

Once done with all the above mentioned steps, make sure that you read the passage again to see if your chosen options are in coherent with the passage tone.

Let’s Practice what you have studied. Given below is the PDF link, you can download it and start practicing.