What Will Be The Best Approach For Solving Data Interpretation Questions In SBI PO Exams?

Banking aspirants must be aware about the important role Data Interpretation has to play in their selection. In every banking exam there is one section name: Quantitative Aptitude in prelims in which approximately 10-15 questions are from Data Interpretation. In mains the name of the section in most of the exam changes to Data interpretation and Analysis. We can see majority of the question from Data interpretation in mains exam carrying a lot of weightage. In this article, we will be telling you the tips and tricks which can help you to ace this section.

Different Types of Data Interpretation You Need to Prepare for SBI & IBPS Exams 2020

Types Of Data Interpretations

Given below are the types of  data interpretation which are asked in SBI PO Exam:

Pie charts– In this type of Data Interpretation, requires calculation of data and calculation may require conversion of percentage into or degree or vice versa.

Tables– In this type of Data Interpretation,  DI is also of two types where all the data is given and the other one is where some data is missing and student is suppose to find out those missing values.

Bar Graphs– In this type of Data Interpretation, different size of bars are use to represent the data in which each bar or any other pattern on the bar represent a different data of the given quantity

Line charts– In this type of Data Interpretation, two points will be joined together thus forming a slope which will either indicate growth or decline

Radar Graphs– In this type of Data Interpretation, a web is given and each line of the web represent some value.

Mixed Graphs– In this type of Data Interpretation, they can be in any form like pie chart mix with bar graph etc.

Tips To Ace Data Interpretation For SBI PO exam

Given below are some of the tips which can help you to ace Data Interpretation in SBI PO:

Understand the data: Data Interpretation requires the candidate to interpret the data at first before proceeding with the calculations. Banking sector requires candidates  who are good at calculations. Make sure to interpret the date and not to start with the calculations.

Scan The Questions Carefully: Scanning is a very important process and requires  you to understand the level of difficulty of the questions so that you knows which question to  attempt first and which one later. Five questions are asked in DI, and they are of easy, medium and difficult level. Attempt easy questions first which fetch good marks.

Different Types of Data Interpretation You Need to Prepare for SBI & IBPS Exams 2020 | Part-2

Calculation speed: Data interpretation is all about calculations, for scoring decent marks in this section one has to master in calculation speed and that you can acquire by doing maximum practice of the questions. Learn the tips & tricks  that save a lot of time in solving the graphs and charts.

Practice all type of DI questions: Do not leave any type of DI thinking it can’t come in exam. You haven’t set the exam so anything can be asked. Do not practice very difficult questions though. Understand the exam pattern. Prelims marks are qualifying in nature because they don’t test your knowledge. The prelim section tests your speed and accuracy.

Do not practice with calculator: Even if you are practicing at home, make sure not to do difficult or lengthy calculations with the help of calculators.

Practice with,

Practice: Practice makes a man perfect so make sure you practice as much as you can. It will help you to build your accuracy and speed. Take sectional test or topic tests  to increase the speed along with accurate answers. This helps to boost up the confidence and face the exam with determination.

As Prelims and mains both have time limit, hence time management plays a very important role in solving the SBI PO question papers, candidates must make sure that they do not spend too much time to solve long and lengthy calculations because that will not be feasible in real exam as well. Hence, practising as much as possible will prove helpful for candidates preparing for the exam.

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