Improve English Language- Common Spellings You Might Get Confused With

Most often, students confuse them in English Spellings. Native speakers of this language also confuse writing spellings. English being a mixture of several languages, and so many words seem to be weird in it even while speaking and reading. However, vocabulary is essential for prelims and mains exam of banking and insurance sector recruitment. This part of the English Langauge Section is most important to attempt with full focus and it can easily fetch marks. To crack any exam, first of all, you must be fully prepared for it, and questions in the bank exam are related to word swap.

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How to Improve your English Vocabulary to Crack Bank Exams?

Here are some best ways to learn English spellings to crack the vocab part of the exam very quickly without any mistake.

English section is the most scoring and consumes less time to attempt. Questions can be in any form, including error-spot, comprehension, fillers, word swap to form sentences, and antonym and synonym spelling errors. These are the primary topics from the Vocab section in the exams. Thus you need to correct your spellings in each field. If you are appearing for PO and Clerk pre-paper, then you need regular English improving practices as it will have a minimum of four to five questions related to spellings.

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Learn the commonly misspelled words

Our pronunciation is quite different from what we write. Even the native English speakers feel confused about this. First of all, make a list of those words that are different in your actual Dictionary. For this, you can go through videos on YouTube. It will teach you how one misspells words and confuses during exam times.

Identify Homophones

Many people make spelling mistakes with homophones, which words that sound simillar to some extend but have different meaning. Write down the meanings of these homophones.

  • Affect/Effect
  • Among/Amongst
  • Assure/Ensure/Insure
  • Breath/Breathe
  • Capital/Capitol
  • Complement/Compliment
  • Disinterested/Uninterested
  • Emigrate/Immigrate
  • E.g./I.e.
  • Empathy/Sympathy
  • Farther/Further
  • Gaff/Gaffe
  • Imply/Infer
  • Lay/Lie
  • Lead/Led
  • Loose/Lose
  • Toward/Towards
  • Their/There/They’re

Prepare a list of words with troubled spellings.

Most people find difficulty in a group of words, mainly those words that are not used very often. Instead of taking help from others, it’s better to make yourself trouble-free by preparing your list for the words that you generally feel tough with spellings, and thus, memorize.

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Check the origin of words in the Dictionary.

Questions asked in the Bank exam regarding the vocabulary section are a bit confusing, but you don’t have to confuse yourself in it. Thus, prepare in such a way that you go with a strong vocab full mind. For this, you can prepare a list of words dictionary, which is customized as per your requirement. English Books and newspaper reading can help you in this section. Write down those news words you gained and prepare yours in the Dictionary. Now learn the usage and meaning of these all words you gathered in a day. Also, for this, you can practice for the previous questions too.

Some general tips to prepare Vocabulary for the English for IBPS, PO, or bank exams-

  • Read the words regularly to improve your spellings.
  • Do not attempt the question that takes time to read and answer. It includes Comprehension and Para Jumbles. Practice helps in a time-bound manner, and thus, improve your strategies to manage time.
  • Go for preparing English sections in many mock tests regularly. It will help you deal with the whole paper. It is also sure that one section’s performance can even affect other sections. Thus you need to be very careful while attempting it. Mock tests can help you prepare in the best possible way.

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Practice Exercise

Here is a list of words that we commonly misspell while speaking and writing.

  1. Acquire
  2. Accommodate
  3. Across
  4. Achieve
  5. Address
  6. Advice
  7. Advertise
  8. Among
  9. Apparent
  10. Argument
  11. Athlete
  12. Awful
  13. Becoming
  14. Basically
  15. Before
  16. Balance
  17. Beginning
  18. Benefit
  19. Believe
  20. Calendar
  21. Ceiling
  22. Certain
  23. Desperate
  24. Describe
  25. Definite
  26. Embarrass
  27. Equipped
  28. Environment
  29. Expect
  30. Fascinating
  31. Foreign
  32. Generally
  33. Guarantee
  34. Humorous
  35. Happiness
  36. Identity
  37. Incidentally
  38. Jealous
  39. Judgment
  40. Knowledge
  41. Length
  42. Library
  43. Loneliness
  44. Losing
  45. Noticeable
  46. Often
  47. Official
  48. Paid
  49. Parallel
  50. Particularly
  51. Persevere
  52. Persuade
  53. Promise
  54. Quarter
  55. Quiet
  56. Quit
  57. Ridiculous
  58. Restaurant
  59. Repetition
  60. Safety
  61. Sacrifice
  62. Scissor
  63. Secretary
  64. Shining
  65. Temporary
  66. Through
  67. Towards
  68. Twelfth
  69. Usually
  70. Weird
  71. Whether and weather

Thus it’s better to prepare your Dictionary of words that you feel difficult to remember.