Top 10 Things That Students Must Do During Lockdown

You can use this quarantine time to enhance your skills to the fullest by working on your language skills, redefining your career goals and learning something new. Check the top 10 things that every student must do during the time he/she has in coronavirus lockdown.

Although COVID-19 lockdown is the tough time as we have to save ourselves from this dangerous disease. However, this is the unexpected reality which a complete nation has to face. This article is especially for students as for them isolation is not less than a prison. A collection of positive habits and mindsets will be quite helpful during this isolation period, especially for students. To make the complete use of this quarantine or lockdown, we have 10 things that you can do during this period and invest your precious time. Read the complete article and bring out improved you from yourself. 

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1. Study Ahead

As teachers are putting their efforts to help the students with their lectures through video calls and YouTube channels. You can make full use of this time and with the help of teachers, you can study forward syllabus or topics to be covered in further sessions. With a proper guidance about the books to refer you better up your commands over the topic. You can also practice on the topics which you are a bit weak. Follow Adda247 YouTube Channel to attend daily classes – Click Here and Subscribe

2. Learning a new language or work on your command over English Language

This could be quite interesting to learn a new language in this quarantine period or you can make yourself efficient in any language to know. This would be a great step as this skill will be a bonus point to your resume. Your confidence level will also be boosted up with this new language added to your list. You can also work on your English Language skills.

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3. Choose a new hobby or Practice your hobby

You can also add up a hobby in your bucket list as you have 24*7 and doing new things will make your isolation quite interesting. You can prefer gardening, cooking, art & crafts, learning computer skills as these would help you to keep yourself busy and calm through this tough period.   

4. Think and redefine your Career Goals

This is the perfect time for you to reflect upon yourself, do a self introspection and thing what you really want to do in life. If you want a government job and which sector you want to focus on- Bank, SSC, Defence, Railways, Teaching etc ? You can visit and get live classes, test series and all important practice material for preparation- Click Here

5. Exercises and Yoga

An addition of yoga and exercise in your daily list would deliver an additional healthy and fit person as the lockdown ends. You can take yoga sessions and exercises plan from the internet and help to improve your immunity. Do try to keep your self fit and healthy in this pandemic situation and also help your parents to do the same.   

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6. Read a book or ebook

This is the right opportunity to spend your quarantine as reading good books and novels can be an effective method of learning new things. Spending time in reading your favorite novels will help to cope with this quarantine and your time will be used in a productive manner. You can also read ebooks to learn concepts of any subject for the exam you are preparing for. You can get all latest ebooks for 2020 government job exams of Click here to get ebooks for 2020 exams.

7. Spending quality time with family

Due to the busy schedules of their office life, your parents did not give sufficient time. This quarantine is the best way to spend time with your family and spend more time in family discussions and make it enjoyable.    

8. Enhance your skills

Whether you love dancing, singing, painting, or anything else, this quarantine could be a high time for you to make your skills better by practicing on it. 

9. Make your study plan

Check the syllabus of the exam you are preparing for and take a test of the same exam to check where you stand in the competition. Then make a syllabus according to your strengths and weakness to cover all topics and improve your score in tests. You can also follow bankersadda’s Study Plans and Daily Quizzes:

10. Playing mind games- Improve Vocab, Calculation Speed

Making the best use of the internet during this quarantine period is playing some mind games that can help you improve your vocab, calculation speed and reasoning ability like puzzles, suduko, word games, or many more to boost up your trickiness and will make you sharp and smart enough to solve problems.   

Hope your quarantine is going well and you are keeping yourself healthy and fit even staying inside your home. If you follow the above points in your isolation period, you can come out of the stress of the coronavirus for some time.    

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