The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- Less Taxing | 21 August

The Hindu Editorial Article of 21 August 2020 – Less Taxing.

Standardized (verb) मानकीकृत
Meaning:- cause (something) to conform to a standard.
Synonyms:-institutionalize, assimilate, homogenize
Antonyms:- disorder, disorganize
Example:- He graded the work of the school and endeavored to standardize instruction.

Screening (verb) जाँच
Meaning:- evaluate or analyse (something) for its suitability for a particular purpose or application.
Synonyms:-shield, adumbrate, blind
Antonyms:- abandon, disregard, endanger
Example:- Instead of screening him I had dragged him in front of the footlights.

Reform (verb)
Meaning:- make changes in (something, especially an institution or practice) in order to improve it.
Synonyms:-amend, improve, rebuild
Antonyms:- break, damage, destroy
Example:- This was in part owing to the readjustment of seats according to the Reform Bill

Ambit (noun) सीमा
Meaning:- the scope, extent, or bounds of something.
Synonyms:-boundary, bounds
Example:- I saw for the first time a horizon as an arc suggesting how wide is our ambit.

Self-evident (adjective) स्पष्ट
Meaning:- not needing to be demonstrated or explained; obvious.
Synonyms:-inescapable, undeniable
Antonyms:- indefinite, unclear
Example:- The volunteers laughed as Stoliker mentioned this self-evident fact.

Considerable (adjective) काफी
Meaning:- notably large in size, amount, or extent.
Synonyms:-ample, appreciable, astronomical
Antonyms:- inconsiderable, insignificant, insufficient
Example:- He had uttered his own practical unbelief, however, with considerable accuracy.

Hardship (noun) कष्ट
Meaning:- severe suffering or privation.
Synonyms:-adversity, calamity, catastrophe, danger
Antonyms:- advantage, aid, assistance
Example:- If you can eat and sleep well, you can stand almost any hardship.

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Proposal (noun) प्रस्ताव
Meaning:- a plan or suggestion, especially a formal or written one, put forward for consideration by others.
Synonyms:-bid, idea, motion
Antonyms:- condemnation, refusal
Example:- She had feared he might rush his proposal through that night; he had been so much in earnest.

Emphasis (noun) ज़ोर
Meaning:- special importance, value, or prominence given to something.
Synonyms:-attention, insistence, intensity
Antonyms:- ignorance, lethargy
Example:- There was profound conviction in the emphasis with which she spoke her warning.

Indices (noun) सूचकांक
Meaning:- listing or an indicator
Synonyms:-indicator, ratio, basis
Example:- Authors’ and First Lines’ Indices were updated to match poems.

Sanctioned (verb) स्वीकृत
Meaning:- give official permission or approval for (an action).
Synonyms:-accepted, allowed
Antonyms:- refused
Example:- Some of the most flagrant of these, if not encouraged, have at least been sanctioned by the whites.

Predominantly (adverb) मुख्य रूप से
Meaning:- mainly; for the most part.
Synonyms:-broadly, chiefly, generally
Example:- The animal, predominantly, desires the good of self: the Divine, the good of others.

Purview (noun) क्षेत्र
Meaning:- the scope of the influence or concerns of something.
Synonyms:-acumen, apprehension, attention
Antonyms:- blindness, ignorance
Example:- Philo of Alexandria does not come within our purview as he was not medival.

Procedures (noun) प्रक्रिया
Meaning:- an established or official way of doing something.
Synonyms:-action, agenda, conduct
Antonyms:- idleness, ignorance, inaction
Example:- Among these procedures dances and processions are prominent.

Discretion (noun) निर्णय
Meaning:- the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation.
Synonyms:-attention, foresight, maturity
Antonyms:- carelessness, disregard, ignorance
Example:- The fatuity of vicious and coroneted youth outstripped his discretion.

Bar (verb) रोक
Meaning:- prevent or prohibit (someone) from doing something or from going somewhere.
Synonyms:-batten, billet, boom
Antonyms:- failure, loss
Example:- After his admission to the bar, Mr. Chipman received him into partnership.

Integrity (noun) अखंडता
Meaning:- the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
Synonyms:-honesty, principle, probity
Antonyms:- deceit, dishonesty
Example:- They are the preservation of the rights of the several States and the integrity of the Union.

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