The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- A Better Test| 18 August

The Hindu Editorial Article of 18 August 2020 –A Better Test. 

Saliva (noun) थूक
Meaning:- watery liquid secreted into the mouth by glands, providing lubrication for chewing and swallowing, and aiding digestion.
Synonyms:- dribble, drool
Example:- This he moistened with saliva and quickly dropped into the center of his fuel stack.

Grim (adjective) विकट
Meaning:- very serious or gloomy.
Synonyms:- bleak, cruel, gloomy
Antonyms:-bright, cheerful, comforting
Example:- It was composed of the grim psychological laws that govern the abnormal.

Toll (noun) टोल
Meaning:- the number of deaths or casualties arising from a natural disaster, conflict, accident, etc.
Synonyms:- cost, expense, levy
Example:- We were within the vestibule before he had begun to toll the years.

Extent (noun) सीमा
Meaning:- the area covered by something.
Synonyms:- amount, breadth, degree, duration
Example:- It is curious to note the extent to which the unexpected has come about.

Defying (verb) अवहेलना करना
Meaning:- openly resist or refuse to obey.
Synonyms:- confront, disregard, elude, flout
Antonyms:-aid, assist, flatter
Example:- In the arrogance of his heart he said, “I can defy the future.”

Mortality (noun) मृत्यु दर
Meaning:- death, especially on a large scale.
Synonyms:- fatality, bloodshed
Antonyms:-animal life, birth
Example:- Our provisions were very bad, and the mortality among us was great.

Withstanding (verb) बर्दाश्त
Meaning:- remain undamaged or unaffected by; resist.
Synonyms:- combat, cope, defy, hold off
Antonyms:-aid, assist, disallow
Example:- Thou art a strange creature, said she; there is no withstanding thee.

Severalfold (adjective)
Meaning:- several times as great or as much

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Practice With,

Fatality (noun) विपत्ति
Meaning:- an occurrence of death by accident, in war, or from disease.
Synonyms:- accident, casualty, disaster
Example:- By what fatality was it that a man always chose the worst road?

Dip (verb) डुबोना
Meaning:- put or let something down quickly or briefly in or into (liquid).
Synonyms:- dive, plunge
Antonyms:-ascent, increase
Example:- Do you see that dip in the ground there where the snow melts as fast as it drops?

Strained (adjective) तनावपूर्ण
Meaning:- showing signs of nervous tension or tiredness.
Synonyms:- constrained, labored, stiff
Antonyms:-calm, comfortable
Example:- Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection.

Relying (verb) भरोसा
Meaning:- depend on with full trust or confidence.
Synonyms:- await, bank, bet
Antonyms:-disbelieve, disregard
Example:- The girl, relying more on her own eloquence than on that of Orso, began to speak

Constraints (noun) की कमी
Meaning:- a limitation or restriction.
Synonyms:- pressure, restraint, coercion
Antonyms:-deterrent, discouragement
Example:- Schiller brooded gloomily over the constraints and hardships of his situation.

Authorisation (noun) प्राधिकरण
Meaning:- the action of authorizing.
Synonyms:- approval, authority, endorsement
Antonyms:-disapproval, opposition, refusal
Example:- The authorization of the Romans was not necessary in order to apply it.

Non-invasive (adjective) गैर आक्रामक
Meaning:- not tending to spread undesirably or harmfully.

embracing (verb) संमिलित करना
Meaning:- accept (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.
Synonyms:- grasp, clasp, clinch
Antonyms:-free, give, let go
Example:- The whole theatre would know that he had been embracing the girl!

Lieu (noun) स्थान
Meaning:- instead.
Synonyms:- stead, substitute
Example:- This was his in lieu of the money which he would have earned if they had killed Lanning on the spot.

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