The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- Running Mate Matters | 13 August

The Hindu Editorial Article of 13 August 2020 – Running Mate Matters.

Mate (noun) सह-कर्मचारी
Meaning:- a fellow member or joint occupant of a specified thing.
Synonyms:- acquaintance, bride, buddy
Antonyms:- enemy, foe, opponent
Example:- The mate had done what he could to prejudice the captain against the boy he hated.

Presumptive (adjective) अनुमान से सिद्ध
Meaning:- of the nature of a presumption; presumed in the absence of further information.
Synonyms:- probable, circumstantial, possible
Example:- The judge would then qualify the crime, and decide who was the presumptive culprit.

Senator (noun) सीनेट सदस्य
Meaning:- a person who works in the government.
Synonyms:- lawmaker, legislator, politician
Example:- The senator breathed the word deep in his throat and fell silent.

Fillip (noun) प्रोत्साहन
Meaning:- something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.
Synonyms:- boost, charge
Example:- It was just a fillip to my enjoyment, as I looked on and off my page alternately.

Hail (verb)
Meaning:- have one’s home or origins in (a place).
Synonyms:- barrage, bombardment, hailstorm
Example:- The impulse that had prompted him to hail her now prompted wild words

Throw her hat in the ring (Phrasal verb)
Meaning:- To announce that one is going to be competing with others, especially in a political election.

Cohort (noun) जत्था
Meaning:- a group of people with a shared characteristic.
Synonyms:- companion, comrade, disciple
Antonyms:- enemy, foe, opponent
Example:- The cohort on duty was drawn up under arms at the palace gates.

Consolidate (verb) समेकित
Meaning:- combine (a number of things) into a single more effective or coherent whole.
Synonyms:- build up, cement, centralize
Antonyms:- decrease, discourage, disperse
Example:- It needs a war, not a threat of war, to consolidate Austria and Hungary.

Helm (noun) संचालन, पतवार
Meaning:- a position of leadership.
Synonyms:- command, control, controls
Example:- I managed to get the helm hard up, and Mallet jumped inboard.

Convergence (noun) संमिलन
Meaning:- the process or state of converging.
Synonyms:- concurrence, confluence, meeting
Example:- In all this convergence of the militia toward Boston, there was one side current.

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Article from- The Hindu Editorial

Prosecutor (noun) अभियोक्ता
Meaning:- a person, especially a public official, who institutes legal proceedings against someone.
Synonyms:- agent, analyst, auditor
Example:- Prosecutor followed, stopped her, and said, ‘I’ve got you now.’

Slashing (verb) काटने की क्रिया
Meaning:- reduce (a price, quantity, etc.) greatly.
Synonyms:- caustic, scathing, stinging
Antonyms:- kind, nice, pleasant
Example:- In the forests the loggers were tearing and slashing into all but the remnant of the 96 timber.

Swathe (noun) लपेटना
Meaning:- a broad strip or area of something.
Synonyms:- bandage, clothe
Antonyms:- uncover
Example:- He would not be at the pains even to swathe his own legs or strap his own sandals

Adroitly (adverb) मुस्तैदी से
Meaning:- in a clever or skilful way.
Synonyms:- accurately, aptly, cleanly
Example:- “Then see that you use him adroitly to your work,” said his mother.

Blazing (adjective) प्रज्वलन
Meaning:- (of an argument) very heated.
Synonyms:- fiery, flaming
Example:- There is a coolness amid all the heat, a mildness in the blazing noon.

Pondered (verb) विचार
Meaning:- think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.
Synonyms:- consider, contemplate, deliberate
Antonyms:- discard, disregard
Example:- He studied Hope’s beauty with his eyes, he pondered on all her nobleness.

Robust (adjective) मजबूत
Meaning:- strong and healthy; vigorous.
Synonyms:- booming, hearty, hefty, potent
Antonyms:- fragile, impotent, incapable
Example:- We are creating a nation once again vibrant, robust, and alive.

Alleviate (verb) कम
Meaning:- make (suffering, deficiency, or a problem) less severe.
Synonyms:- allay, assuage, ease
Antonyms:- increase, intensify, irritate
Example:- Their tender hearts will sympathize and aim to alleviate it.

Incumbent (adjective) निर्भर
Meaning:- necessary for (someone) as a duty or responsibility.
Synonyms:- binding, necessary, compelling
Antonyms:- unnecessary
Example:- It was incumbent upon Mr. Gladstone to lead the opposition to this motion.

Alienating (verb) अलगाव की भावना
Meaning:- make (someone) feel isolated or estranged.
Synonyms:- disaffect, divide, estrange
Antonyms:- combine, join
Example:- Every effort was made to alienate her from her French relations.

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