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SBI Clerk Mains 2020 Study Plan

SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan– SBI Clerk is one such recruitment for which lakhs of students apply every year to grab that one seat. This year also it has released the notification and has even successfully conducted the prelims examination but due to the sudden outbreak mains examination has been postponed till further order but that doesn’t mean that you should stop studying. Make sure you work hard and for that we the team of bankersadda has brought a complete study plan for SBI Clerk mains 2020 which you can follow and ace this exam. 

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This study plan will fit in everybody’s time table as it covers all the topics. There is no way that we have missed out on any important topic. So, you can prepare subject wise plus topic wise to accommodate the practice of all the subjects. Daily practice of all subjects will serve more purpose and add more value in your preparation. You can attempt these quizzes on either web or App.

SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan- August 2020

Date  Quantitative Aptitude Reasoning English GA
2 Aug Practice Set Sitting Arrangement, Blood Relation, Alphanumeric Series Triple fillers, Cloze test Mini Mock
4 Aug Caselet, Missing Series, Misc. DI Puzzle, Syllogism, Logical Error correction, Paragraph completion General Awareness
6 Aug Partnership, Probability, Permutation & Combination, Wrong Series Seating Arrangement, Inequalities, Miscellaneous Reading Comprehension, Vocab+Triple Sentence Banking Awareness
8 Aug Data Sufficiency, Speed Time Distance Practice Set Practice Set Static Awareness
10 Aug Profit & Loss, Mensuration, Mixture & Allegation Puzzle, Data Sufficiency, Direction Sense Coherent Paragraph, Sentence Rearrangement Banking Awareness
12 Aug Average, Ages, Misc. DI Seating Arrangement, Coding-Decoding, short puzzles. Conjunctions, Phrase meaning sentences Static Awareness
14 Aug SI & CI, Simplification, Trains, Boat & Stream Puzzles, Blood Relation, Direction Sense Starters, Word Usage General Awareness
16 Aug Practice Set Puzzle, Input-Output, Short Puzzle Vocab, Word Swap Mini Mock
18 Aug Quantity Based, Quadratic Inequalities Seating Arrangement, Inequalities, Data Sufficiency Inference, column based sentences General Awareness
20 Aug Time & Work, Pipes & Cistern, Misc. DI Puzzle, Coding-Decoding, Miscellaneous Practice Set Banking Awareness
22 Aug Mensuration, Approximation, Misc. DI Practice Set Phrasal verbs, Reading Comprehension Static Awareness
24 Aug Caselet, Wrong Series Seating Arrangement, Input-Output, Syllogism Sentence Improvement, column based Banking Awareness
26 Aug Misc. DI Puzzle, Direction Sense, Data Sufficiency Error Correction, cloze test Static Awareness
28 Aug Quadratic Inequalities, Simplification Seatting Arrangement, Blood Relation, Coding-Decoding Double fillers, Coherent paragraph General Awareness
30 Aug Practice Set Puzzle, Miscellaneous Sentence Rearrangement, Conjunctions Mini Mock

SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan-July 2020

Date Reasoning Ability Quantitative Ability English Language General Awareness
1 July Puzzle, Blood Relation, Miscellaneous Missing Series, Quadratic Inequalities & Approximation Double Fillers, Cloze Test Static Awareness
3 July Seating Arrangement, Data Sufficiency, Miscellaneous Simplification, Wrong Series & Word Problems Reading Comprehension, Sentence Rearrangement General Awareness
5 July Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set Mini Mock
7 July Puzzle, Syllogism, Coding-Decoding Profit & Loss, Mixture & Allegation and Misc. DI Word Rearrangement, Paragraph Completion General Awareness
9 July Puzzle, Input-Output, Inequality Simple Interest & Compound Interest , Time & Work and Approximation Connectors, Triple fillers Banking Awareness
11 July Seating Arrangement, Direction Sense, Logical Boat & Stream , Trains and Missing Series Comprehensive Cloze Test, Phrase Rearrangement Static Awareness
13 July Puzzle, Blood Relation, Miscellaneous Probabilities, Permutation & Combination and Misc. DI Word Usage, Column based phrase error Banking Awareness
15 July Puzzle, Direction Sense, Data Sufficiency Time & Work, Misc. DI and Wrong Series Reading Comprehension, Sentence Based Error Static Awareness
17 July Seating Arrangement, Syllogism, Miscellaneous Data Sufficiency, Misc. DI and Simplification Phrase Derivation, Sentence Improvement General Awareness
19 July Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set Mini Mock
21 July Puzzle, Miscellaneous, Logical Mixture & Allegation, Pipes & Cistern and Approximation Jumbled error correction, Column Based Sentences General Awareness
23 July Seating Arrangement, Short Puzzles, Input-Output Mensuration, Quadratic Inequalities and Misc. DI Vocab+Triple filler, Error Correction Banking Awareness
25 July Puzzle, Coding-Decoding, Inequalities Missing Series, Word Problems and Miscellaneous DI Word Replacement Cloze Test, Word Swap Static Awareness
27 July Seating Arrangement, Data Sufficiency, Miscellaneous Simplification,Partnership and Misc. DI Column Based Word Error, Sentence+Paragraph Rearrangement Banking Awareness
29 July Puzzle, Blood Relation, Miscellaneous Wrong Series, Quantity Based and Word Problems Reading Comprehension, Starters Static Awareness
31 July Puzzle, Direction Sense, Syllogism Approximation, Speed , Time & Distance and Miscellaneous DI Column Based Filler, Idioms and Phrases General Awareness

SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan-June 2020

Date Reasoning Ability Quantitative Ability English Language General Awareness
1 June Puzzle, Input-Output, Inequality Partnership, Profit & Loss, Approximation Word Swap, Triple Fillers Banking Awareness
3 June Puzzle, Blood Relatiton, Miscellaneous Average, Ages, Percentage, Mixture & Allegation, Misc. DI Vocabulary, Inference N/A
5 June Seating Arrangement, Data Sufficiency, Miscellaneous Time & Work, Pipes & Cistern, Double Pattern Series Sentence Rearrangement, Word Usage General Awareness
7 June Practice Set Caselet, Missing Series, SI & CI Conjunctions, Starters Mini Mock
9 June Puzzle, Syllogism, Coding-Decoding Speed Time Distance, Boat & Stream, Trains, Simplification Reading Comprehension, Word Swap General Awareness
11 June Seating Arrangement, Direction Sense, Logical Data Sufficiency, Mensuration, Misc. DI Phrase Meaning Sentence, Column Based Banking Awareness
13 June Practice Set Quantity Based, Quadratic Inequalities, Wrong Series Paragraph Completion, Cloze Test Static Awareness
15 June Puzzle, Inequality, Input-Output Probability, Permutation & Combination, Caselet, Approximation Word Usage, Error Correction Banking Awareness
17 June Seating Arrangement, Syllogism, Miscellaneous Word Problem, Missing Series Reading Comprehension, Para Jumble Static Awareness
19 June Puzzle, Inequality and Input-output Misc. DI, Simplification Inference, Starters General Awareness
21 June Practice Set Caselet, Quadratic Inequalities Vocabulary, Sentence Improvement Mini Mock
23 June Seating Arrangement, Coding-Decoding, Logical Word Problem, Wrong Series Column Based, Coherent Paragraph General Awareness
25 June Puzzle, Direction Sense, Input-output Misc. DI, Quantity Based Cloze Test, Sentence Rearrangement Banking Awareness
27 June Practice Set Word Problem Reading Comprehension, Paragraph Completion Static Awareness
29 June Seating Arrangement, Short Puzzles, Data sufficiency Wrong Series, Quadratic Inequalities Word Swap,Starters Banking Awareness

SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan- May 2020

Date Reasoning Ability English Language Quantitative Aptitude General Awareness/ Static AwarenessBanking Awareness
2 May Linear puzzle, Blood Relation, Miscellaneous Cloze test (error based), Triple Fillers Misc. DI Static Awareness
4 May Circular puzzle, Direction, Inequality Inference, Sentence Rearrangement(one fixed sentence) Partnership, Ages, Mixture & Allegation Banking Awareness
6 May Month Based Puzzle, Blood Relation, Coding-Decoding Vocabulary, Word Usage Caselet, Quantity Based, Missing Series Static Awareness
8 May Category based puzzle, Data sufficiency, Short Puzzles Conjunctions, Reading Comprehension Profit & Loss, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Wrong Series General Awareness
10 May Floor based Puzzle, Input output, Syllogism Starters, Word Swap Misc. DI, Quadratic inequalities Mini Mock
12 May Puzzle, Direction, logical Phrase meaning sentence, Paragraph Completion Time & Work, Pipes and Cistern, Simplification General Awareness
14 May Mix Puzzle, Inequality, Miscellaneous Cloze Test(Sentence Based), Column Based Fillers Speed Time Distance, Trains, Boat & Stream, Approximation Banking Awareness
16 May Linear puzzle, Triangular puzzle, Miscellaneous Phrasal Verbs(Usage Based), Coherent Paragraph Mensuration, Data Sufficiency, Caselet  Static Awareness
18 May Circular puzzle, Input output, Syllogism Reading Comprehension, Word Usage Probability, Permutation & Combination, Misc. DI Banking Awareness
20 May Floor based Puzzle, Data sufficiency, Miscellaneous Para-Jumble, Error  Correction(Jumble Error) Simplification, Quadratic Inequalities Static Awareness
22 May Category based puzzle,Coding decoding, logical Sentence Improvement(Multiple), Inference Word Problem General Awareness
24 May Month Based Puzzle, Syllogism, Miscellaneous Vocabulary, Starters Missing Series, Approximation, Caselet Mini Mock
26 May Box Puzzle, Direction Coherent Paragraph, Column Based Sentence Wrong Series, Misc. DI General Awareness
28 May Linear Puzzle,Input-output, Blood relation Reading Comprehension, Sentence Rearrangement (sequence based) Word Problem, Simplification Banking Awareness
30 May Puzzle, Coding-decoding, short puzzle Paragraph Completion, Cloze Test (Comprehensive) Quadratic Inequalities, Misc. DI Static Awareness

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SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan- March and April 2020

Date Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude Quantitative Ability English Language General Awareness
11 March Mini Mock Table DI Mini Mock Current Affairs of November+Wildlife sanctuaries
12 March Direction Sense Caselet Triple Fillers Current Affairs of December+Capital Market and Money Market
13 March Coding-Decoding Simplification Cloze Test Current Affairs of December+Union Budget
14 March Blood Relation Word Problem Column Based Current Affairs of January+Economy Survey
15 March Data Sufficiency Missing Series Word Swap Mini Mock
16 March Mini Mock Data Sufficiency Paragraph Completion Current Affairs of February+Indian Banking System
17 March Inequality Quantity Based Reading Comprehension Current Affairs of February+Nicknames of Indian Cities
18 March Syllogism Arithmetic DI Inference Based Current Affairs of March+Indian Banking System
19 March Puzzles Misc. DI Coherent Paragraph Current Affairs of March+Financial Market
20 March Input-Output Quadratic Inequalities Starters Current Affairs of November+Union Budget and Economy Survey
21 March SBI Clerk Mains All India Mock Test
22 March Circular Puzzle, Data Sufficiency, Coding -Decoding Wrong Series, Partnership Cloze Test, Para-Jumble Current Affairs of December+Union Budget and Economy Survey
23 March Floor Puzzle, Short Puzzle, Miscellaneous Approximation, Simple Interest and Compound Interest Word Usage,Sentence Improvement Mini Mock
24 March Linear Puzzle, Blood Relation, Logical Boat & Stream, Problem on Trains Multiple Error, Vocabulary Based Current Affairs of January+Capital/Currency
25 March Month Based puzzle, Input-Output, Direction Quantity Based, quadratic Inequalities, Speed Time Distance Reading Comprehension, Word Rearrangement Current Affairs of February+CM/Governors
26 March Mix Puzzle, Syllogism, Inequality Simplification, Mensuration Starters, Double fillers Current Affairs of March+Padma Awards 2020
27 March Triangular Puzzle, Coding Decoding and Miscellaneous Time & Work, Pipe & Cistern Phrasal Verb Fillers ,Sentence Based Error Current Affairs of February+Natioanl Parks/wildlife santuries 
28 March Square Puzzle, Alphanumeric Series, Input-Output Probability, Permutation & Combination, Caselet Two word three sentence Based Fillers, Column based Sentence Current Affairs of March+Union Budger and Economy Survey
29 March Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set Current Affairs of March+Union Ministers and their constituencies 
30 March Box Puzzle, Data Sufficiency and Blood relation Data Sufficiency, Approximation Column Based ,Word Improvement Practice Set-1
31 March Circular Puzzle, Direction Sense, Logical Missing Series, Mixture & Allegation Cloze Test (4 Words Highlighted ), Sentence Rearrangement Practice Set-2
1 April Floor Puzzle, Inequality and Data Sufficiency Misc. DI, Profit & Loss Reading Comprehension , Double Sentence Single Blank Filler Practice Set-3
2 April Linear Puzzle, Miscellaneous and Syllogism Table DI, Double pattern Missing Series Paragraph Completion, Para-Jumble Practice Set-4
3 April Month Based Puzzle, coding decoding and Blood relation Partnership, Radar DI, Simplification Idiom Usage,Phrase Swap Practice Set-5
4 April Designation based puzzle, Short Puzzle, and Logical Double Pattern Wrong Series, Misc. DI, Probability Starters, Cloze Test Practice Set-6
5 April Box Puzzle, Alphanumeric Series and Input-Output Profit & Loss, Mensuration, Misc. DI Word Swap, Sentence Improvement Practice Set-7
6 April Square Puzzle, Data sufficiency and Direction Sense Caselet, Simplification, Time & Work Double Sentence Single Blank Filler, Word Rearrangement Practice Set-8
8 April Linear Puzzle, Logical and Blood Relation Quantity Based, Data Sufficiency Para- Jumble, Vocabulary Based Practice Set-10
10 April Floor Puzzle, Coding-decoding, Inequality Misc. DI, Approximation, Wrong Series Mini Mock 1 Mini Mock 1
12 April Circular Puzzle, Input-Output, Miscellaneous Speed Time Distance, Quadratic Inequalities Mini Mock 2 Mini Mock 3
14 April Designation based Puzzle, Direction Sense, Alphanumeric series  Caselet, Simplification Mini Mock 3 Mini Mock 5
16 April Month Based, Input-output, Syllogism  Word Problem, Approximation Miscellaneous Based Mini Mock 7
18 April Floor Puzzle, Coding-decoding, miscellaneous  Misc. DI Reading Comprehension, Double Fillers Mini Mock 9
20 April Circular Puzzle, Blood relation, logical Word Problem, Missing Series Inference based, Sentence Rearrangement Mini Mock 11
22 April Puzzle, Data sufficiency, short puzzle Caselet, Quadratic Inequalities Error Detection, Vocabulary Mini Mock 13
24 April Linear Puzzle, Direction sense, Inequality Data Sufficiency, Quantity Based Column Based, Paragraph completion Mini Mock 15
26 April Month based Puzzle, Input-Output, Alphanumeric series Misc. DI, Caselet Double Fillers, Starters Mini Mock 17
28 April Square Puzzle, Coding-decoding, Blood Relation Word Problem Cloze Test, Para Jumble Mini Mock 19
30 April Floor Puzzle, Data sufficiency, logical Approximation, Wrong Series, Quadratic Inequalities Sentence Improvement, Reading Comprehension Mini Mock 21

SBI Clerk Mains 2020 Exam Pattern

SBI Clerk Main Examination will consists 190  Objective type questions for 200 marks and. Below table shows the detailed pattern of SBI Clerk exam 2020

S.No. Name of Tests(Objective) No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
1 Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude 50 60 45
2 General English 40 40 35 minutes
3 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 minutes
4 General/Financial Awareness 50 50 35 minutes
  Total 190 200 2 Hour 40 minutes

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