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90% Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Clerk Mains Exam from Adda247 Capsule

In this article, we will be discussing the questions asked in the RRB Clerk exam in detail which will include their answer, from which month it is asked, and where it was covered on Adda247. Remember as the paper was online, So questions are memory based. It may vary in exact wording.

From the detailed analysis, we can understand that the questions were asked mainly from April, May months and even January. The exam was on 24 September 2022. This shows the dynamic nature of the General Awareness section. Every year, the examiner asks from different months. So it is very important that you study general awareness on a daily basis. Students need to understand that general awareness requires consistency because when you read on a daily basis, there are many current affairs that repeat. In this way, you will be learning and revising current affairs at the same time. There were 20+ questions that came from the study material given to students specifically dedicated to the IBPS RRB Clerk and PO exams. There are many questions that were very similar which were given in the quiz PDF. It is important that you read and test your accuracy through quizzes. 


90% Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Clerk Mains Exam from Adda247 Capsule

Important note for the candidates who are appearing for the upcoming mains exams: Please read the power capsule and Hindu review monthly pdf and test your knowledge with general awareness question. It will be very efficient if you download the Adda247 app, which will keep your preparation up to date.

1. How many digits are there in ABHA ID? 

Ans. 14

Why was in news : ABHA was revamped by the government in May month.

It was given on Pg 64 of GA Power capsule of Part 1.

This question was discussed in general awareness quiz: Question 191 from May month.

2. Who is the present Foreign Secretary of India? 

Ans. Harsh Mohan Kwatre 

Pg 60 of capsule part 1 

This question was discussed in general awareness quiz question 242 May month

3. Which country is not included in Quad? 

Pakistan was one of the option.

This was given on page 7 of part of GA Power capsule and same question was asked in general awareness quiz question 189 may month

4. A question related to WHO has awarded Global Heath Leaders award to ASHA workers of India was asked . 

This current affair was covered on page 62 of part 1 of the GA Power capsule.

5. A question related to AVSAR scheme : 

This scheme was covered on page 35 of capsule part 1

This question was discussed in general awareness quiz: Question 92 from August month

6. Who is the LG of Delhi ?

Ans. Vinai Kumar 

This was covered on page no :60 of capsule part 1. Same question was asked in the general awareness quiz of may month

7. Under which ministry PMGEP comes?

This was discussed on page 37 of capsule part 1

This scheme was in detail coved on the website: PM’s Employment Generation Programme

8. To whom Royal Architecture Award is given to?

Ans. B V Doshi 

This was given on page 62 of capsule part 1.

9. Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme is related to which state? 

Ans. Rajasthan

This was given on page 65 of part 1 capsule page 8 prt2. It was also discussed in weekly one liners.

10. Who is the Chief of army staff?

Ans. Manoj pande

This was given on page 63 of capsule part 1.

11. Who is the  head  of WHO ?

Ans. Tedros Addhenom 

This was given on page 61 of capsule part 1. This question was also discussed in general awareness quiz question no 206 may month

12. India won Men’s Hockey Asia Cup against which country?


This was discussed on 52 page of capsule part 1 as well as this question was discussed on question 28 of June quiz PDF

13. A question related to Jan Samarth portal

This scheme was discussed on page 37 of capsule part 1. And in question no 124 of June month.

14. Till which age care should be provided under article  45?

Ans: 6 years, After 2010 amendment, the article was changed so don’t be confused with 14 years.

This is question of static awareness which was given in the static awareness module of the Bankers adda.

15. Who is  the Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Ans. Shehbaz 

This was given in the April hindu review on page 17

16. Who is the CEO of Apple company founder:

 Tim Cook

Tim cook was in news fortune 500 list. 

This was on page number 6 of capsule part 1.

or the question can Who is the cofounder of the Apple company?

Ans. Steve Jobs , Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne

Steve Wozniak may be was one of the option.

17. What is the venue of 2028 summer Olympics?

Los Angeles

Page 52 of capsule part 1

18. What is the meaning of Money Laundering?

This a static question. It was covered in detailed article of enforcement directorate.

19. Which team did India defeat in Thomas cup?


This question was discussed in general awareness quiz question no 115 in May month. As well as in may hindu review.

20. Who is the present Foreign Secretary of India?

Vinay Mohan Kwatra

This was discussed in may quiz pdf on question no 242.

21. Statement based Deen Dayal yojana?

It is a static question but this scheme was in news in April. 

Discussed in April Hindu review: page number 12

22. Which of the scheme is related to girl child development?

There were 5 options and one was Sukanya Samridhi scheme

This was a static question. This scheme was in detail.

23. Mahatma Gandhi setu is located in which state

Patna, Bihar

This was discussed in may hindu review.

24. Who is the chief economic advisor?

M Nageswara Rao

He was appointed in January month  Hindu Review PDF.

25. Which of the following Yojana is for senior citizens?

As options are not know, can’t answer this.

But schemes related to senior citizen were discussed on page 36 of capsule part 1

26. Tonga Volcano-related question country name? 

South Pacific.

This Volcano erupted January. It was covered in January Hindu review

27. National family health survey-related questions?

This question was covered under this article: Health Statistics of India

28. President of India statement-based questions?

Which statement is correct : 35 years should be minimum age, candidate must qualify to be as a loksabha member.

This question was shared in the detailed article on bankersadda : Presidential Election

29. Which of the following is not include Commercial Bank?

There were 5 option which are unknown.

This is a static awareness question.

30. Which statue former vice president inaugurated in Chennai?

M Karunanidhi 29 may

This was covered in daily GK update of May and June month.

31. Dhanu Jatra or Dhanu Yatra?


This festival was celebrated in January. It was discussed in hindu review of January.

32. In KYC norms:  – which of the following is not ovd?

Officially valid documents (OVDs) for KYC purpose include: Passport, driving licence, voters’ ID card, PAN card, Aadhaar letter issued by UIDAI and Job Card issued by NREGA signed by a State Government official.

It is static awareness question.

33. There was question on RBI Payment vision. 

Can’t answer it. 

There was a detailed article in Target30+ on RBI Payment vision

34. World first Nano urea liquid plant?

Kalol Gujarat 

It was given in the daily update of 2 June.

35. Which President of the US completed 2 terms?

Ans Barak Obama

This question was in news because Barak Obama got emmy award recently in September.

36. Vigilance awareness week 

This is discussed in September Daily GK Update. 

37. Full form of TSX?

It’s a static awareness question. It was not given.

38. When is the National Unity day?

31 October

39. Who is the Indian envoy of Ukraine: 

Harsh Kumar Jain

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How many questions are being asked in IBPS RRB Clerk Mains exam from General Awareness section?

40 questions are being asked in IBPS RRB Clerk Mains exam from General Awareness section.

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