Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for Banking Exam

Banking is one sector that opens a lot of doors for aspirants to fulfill their dreams. Banking is one such sector that gives aspirant a lot of opportunities depending on their qualification. IBPS had earlier released the calendar also we are expecting SBI to release the notification PO notification once everything comes under control. But even now students have a lot of opportunities in their hands for ex- SEBI Grade-A exam, SBI Clerk Mains, RBI Assistant Mains, LIC AAO & AE, UPSC EPFO and many more. Hence, students are advised to focus on these exams more than waiting for the others to come.

Students, apart from rerouting all your attention towards what should be the best approach to ace in the banking examination, one should also focus on how she one to avoid erring during bank preparation phase. Most of you break your bone to bag the government job but sometimes knowingly or unknowingly it slips out of your hands. What is the reason behind your failure. How you can ace in the bank PO exams?

In today’s article we will focus on the common mistakes made by an aspirant while performing his preparation journey to avoid the disappointment at the end. To make you play your cards the right way,we are here to provide you list of common mistake that an aspirant do so that you should be wary of while you buckle down for the upcoming banking exams.

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Common mistakes to avoid in the Banking exam:

1. Avoiding everyday news believing you will do it all in the end.
Develop a habit of reading newspaper on daily basis. Avoid lying under a pile of news of last 5-6 months as it will do no good to you. This can lead you to stress and not able to recall all the important things at the time of exam.

2. Not giving speed tests on a regular basis.
It is most important part of your preparation. Taking mock test help you to analyze your speed and sometimes you come across about your weakness and strength that benefits you to improve and to utilize them in the actual exam.

3. Ignoring working on the topics that you think you are good at.
Never ignore any topic or subject while preparing for bank exams. Always practice hard each and every subject and make sure you have learned all the basic concepts as it lessen the chances of you attempting them as efficiently as you could, had you practiced them well.

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4. Not knowing what to start with.
Students always feel puzzled to start their preparations. They do not know what to start and from where. One should always start from the topics they are good at as this will boost their moral and they will feel motivated throughout their preparation journey.

5. Listening and trying to follow hundreds of strategies.
Never rely on others strategy as it may have worked for them but may fail in your case. Students keep following the strategy of the toppers and end up with chaotic situation. Always make your own plan and list them down in the sheet.

6. Lacking consistency in your preparations.
Students feel enthusiastic when they start their preparation but in their journey they may come across many challenges which sometimes demotivate them. Thus they quit preparing on the daily basis. Consistency in your preparation plays a major role. Your strategy and preparation for bank exams should be strategize so that you do not leave anything important behind.

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7. Collecting and piling up a heap of useless study materials.
Students usually collect all the useless study material from number of different source and end up in stressed and confusion. Make sure what you collect to revise from should be updates and in accordance with the bank exam pattern.

8. Wasting too much of time surfing through social media.
Students are fond of surfing social sites. They waste a lot of time in searching for useless things. Instead they should look for the useful material and information they can also access Adda247 app for latest updates.

9. In a quandary, if to go for Banking Exams or SSC.
Students are always confused between to start their career either with banking or SSC. The need of the hour is to decide the fix target and go through the exam pattern and syllabus of both the stream for number of vacancies. There is a huge difference between these two syllabus.

10. Directly applying tricks without having the basics of the topic grasped.
Never attempt a question with the short tricks until or unless you are very well versed with the Basic knowledge of that topic. Make sure have hand on the basic concepts and can practice how to use short tricks in the questions.

11.Do not wait for the result, start preparing for mains
As the syllabus for the mains exam is very vast and it takes time to complete all the topics within time. It is necessary to start your preparation for the mains right from the beginning.

12. Not having quality sleep.
some students avoid sleeping and keep on studying all the night. Quality sleeps improves our ability to recall the things and they remain fresh in our mind. Try to take sleep of at least 8 hours a day to continue your preparation for bank PO exams.

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13. Not revising the topics on a regular basis.
It is important to revise all the topics you have prepared on the regular basis. Revising them timely will keep them fresh in your mind. If you do not so, you will be like during your examination, i was so good at this topic, i could have done better than this had i revised it well.

14. Not Analyzing your speed tests.
Do not just attempt the speed test, but analyzing them deeply is what matters the most. Analyze your test to know where you lag. Equipped yourself with the examination skills so that you can get grades you are hoping for.

15. Waiting for the official notification to start off your preparations.
Never wait for the notification to be rolled out. Always start your preparation from the day you plan to get a government job. If you do not so, you will run short of the time. Start them early so that you will have sufficient time to improve on your skills.

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