Creative Things Students Can Do During the Lockdown

PM Narendra Modi has extended the lockdown till 3rd May 2020. We all are stuck in this lockdown during this health emergency which in a way is the need of the hour. While some of you must be working from home and some must be wondering what they can do during this lockdown?. We are giving you some tips to make this Quarantine/homestay/isolation  more productive. 

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Following are some of the productive time investing ideas could come up for students stuck in lockdown:

Join Online Courses– This is one thing you should do. Join any online course related to your examination and work on your weaknesses. We have lots of Online courses for our students at reasonable prices to make sure that everybody can take the benefit out of this lockdown and prepare accordingly. If you are weak in Reasoning then join an online course that can help you overcome your fear of reasoning like you can join JEET | Reasoning Batch for SBI, RRB, RBI and IBPS Exams | Bilingual | Live Classes .This is the perfect time to utilize it to learn new skills and tricks in this section. similarly for other sections as well. Work harder on the section you are already good in to ensure that you maintain a strong hand in it.

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Study Ahead: For all the banking aspirants, this is your time to devote to your studies. Make sure you are giving your 100% during this time. Do not wait for the notifications to be released  because the competition is very tough and there are only limited seats. So, if you want to get that one seat work harder than you were doing earlier. Make a time table and follow it sincerely. Read this article,To get more tips on how you can be job-ready

Learn a new language: Have you ever thought that how much fun it will be if you can learn a new language. It enhances your resume and also gives you new opportunities. Download an app or you can join an online course available at multiple sites to learn the language of your choice. A new language will help you to make new friends and will bring you new job-related opportunities. There are certain vacancies released by the banks which require proficiency in certain language so now is the time when you can learn a new language to open more government job opportunities for you

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Learn a new skill/PDP: Yes! you can learn the skills that will help you in your preparation like interview giving skills etc and to improve your personality you can join the interview batch and personality development programme. It will Improve your communication skills and personality too. Personality is one thing that you cannot improve in a day or two. You have to constantly work on it and its always better to start now than later. This will ensure your assured selection 

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Pick up a hobby: You can choose any hobby that you want to pursue for a long time but the ideal thing to do is to develop the hobby of reading. Reading newspapers will help you to increase your reading speed as well as it will also enhance your general awareness as well as it will also help you in the interview. so basically developing one hobby of reading is going to pay you a lot in terms of your preparation. Enhance your English skills by going  daily vocabulary available on our website.

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We hope that all the creative ideas suggested by us to maximize your productivity will help you to achieve your ultimate goal of getting a govt job. Follow the tips above and excel in them. Remember this lockdown is soon going to be over and you will be back to your routine with lots of work, so try to make the best use out of what you have got now.

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