List of Important Days in May 2020- National and International Days

Important Days in May- This topic is very important as 1 or 2 questions are always asked in the examination based on this topic. The best trick to prepare this topic is to learn the important days month wise. This way you will memorize them better and at ease without any confusion.  This is one topic that will come handy to you in majority of the government job exams. In this article, we will be discussing the important days in May 2020 and some of the  important days in May include Labour Day, Press Freedom Day. World Red bCross Day, Anti-terrorism day and more. This topic can help you to easily score those extra bonus marks which can help you to get your name in the final merit list. So why don’t you check out the list of Important Days in May 2020 given below.

Important Days and Dates of May

Important Date Important Days in May
1 May International Labour Day
3 May Press Freedom Day
4 May Coal Miner’s Day
Second Sunday of May Mother’s Day
8 May World Red Cross Day
9 May Victory Day
11 May National Technology Day
12 May International Nurses Day
14 May World Migratory Day
15 May International Day of the Family
17 May World Telecommunication Day
21 May Anti-terrorism Day
24 May Commonwealth Day
31 May Anti-Tobacco Day

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List of Important Days in May

May 1 : International Labour Day

This day is Workers Day and also known as May Day. It is celebrated for the working-class people as per the International Labour Movement that takes place every year on May 1. 

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May 3 : Press Freedom Day

As per UNGA, May 3 is World Press Freedom Day. This day contributes to making people aware that press freedom is fundamental and also to make the government aware of its duty. It is to make the media safe from specific attacks.

May 4 : Coal Miner’s Day

On May 4 every year, Coal Miner’s Day is celebrated that would give highlights for the tough profession of the labor that spends their time in the coal mines for harsh work. Organizations raise funds to create awareness in the mining area.

May 8- Red Cross Day

Red Cross Day is also an international event that makes awareness among people to follow the rules of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. This day is the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant.

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May 9 – Victory Day

Victory Day of 2020 will bring up the Military Parade in Moscow to take place on Red Square of Moscow. This day commemorates for the Diamond Jubilee of Nazi Germany for capitulation in the second world war.

Second Sunday of May- Mother’s Day 

There is no public holiday for this day, but the second Sunday of May every year is Mother’s Day. It is the time to own your mother and her motherhood time, her bonds with children and maternal family.

May 11- National Technology Day

National Technology Day is to find how technology advancement takes place every year in the whole world. They also highlight the upcoming technology trends. 

May 12- International Nurses Day

Every year on May 12, International Nurses Day is celebrated to make people observe the contribution of the nurses for the people and how they help them. Also, it is to mark the gift to society.

May 14- World Migratory Day

The day was initiated in 2006 by AEWA by collaborating with Conservation of Migratory Species. This day is celebrated to state that it is time to save the migratory birds and other species from preventing them from extinct.

May 15- International Day of Families

Every year on May 15, the day comes with the resolution of how important is a family for you and the importance of communities attached to this day.

May 17- World Telecommunication Day

The day was first proclaimed by UNGA to let people know regarding the efforts made for establishing advanced communication and the role of ITUs that help people to keep connected in the whole world.

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May 21- Anti-terrorism Day

Anti-terrorism day is to make people aware that they must not fight in the name of religion they follow. It is because every person in the world is there to promote peace. 

May 24- Commonwealth Day

This day is for celebrating the commonwealth of the nations who were once under the British Empire. Formerly, this day was also known as Empire Day. However, the day is celebrated because there was no other event celebrated on this date.

May 31- Anti-tobacco Day

This day intends to make everyone encouraged for not consuming tobacco for at least 24 hours and observe what changes they get to see after that. It is to make people aware of the adverse effects of smoking.

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FAQ- Important Days in May

Q. What are the important days in May?
Ans. The month of may has different days of national and international importance as International Labour Day is on 1st May, Press Freedom Day is on 3rd May, National Technology Day is on 11th May and so on. Check the list for complete information.

Q. What are the special days in May 2020?
Ans. The list includes- International Labour Day, Press Freedom Day, Coal Miner’s Day, Mother’s Day, World Red Cross Day, Victory Day, National Technology Day, International Nurses Day, World Migratory Day, International Day of the Family, World Telecommunication Day, Anti-terrorism Day, Commonwealth Day and Anti-Tobacco Day

Q. Which are the important days?
Ans. These are dates of national and international importance that you must know to improve your general knowledge.

Q. What day is 11th May?
Ans. It is National Technology day.