SBI PO Exam Vs IBPS PO Exam: Comparison On the Difficulty level

SBI PO & IBPS PO are two most coveted banking exams in India. These are some of the exams that almost every candidate aims for. Now, we usually come across to one of the most asked queries of students i.e Is SBI PO is difficult than IBPS PO 2020? In this article, we will be discussing this concept in detail to give you a better understanding of the two exams. There are several factors that are associated with an exam which makes it easy or difficult and we will be discussing them all in detail to get a better understanding. The two exams although are similar in terms of exam pattern and the type of questions that are asked.

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IBPS PO VS. SBI PO Prelims Cut-Off

Given below are the previous year’s cut-off for the two exams for the prelims:

2019 59.75 71
2018 56.75 56.75
2017 42.75 51.50
2016 47.50 47.50

SBI PO exam and IBPS PO exam both are of 100 marks. There is no difference between the two exams in terms of total marks, Sectional cut-off etc. The level of difficulty is almost similar in both the exams. The topics that are asked in the exam are similar but in the recent years the SBI PO Cut offs have risen tremendously and that is because of the low number of vacancies. We will be discussing this factor more in detail later in this space.

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IBPS PO vs SBI PO: Recruitment Process 2020

There is no difference between the recruitment process of the two exams and hence difficulty level cannot be based on the  recruitment process as they both have same application process, same syllabus and infact the same organization conducts both the exams. The difference can be observed in the marking system of the mains examination and Interview process. In IBPS PO Mains is of 225 marks while in SBI PO Mains is of 250 marks also interview in IBPS PO is of 100 marks while SBI PO is of 50 marks.

Recruitment Process IBPS Clerk SBI Clerk
The pattern of Selection Procedure  Prelims + Mains Prelims + Mains
Exam Pattern (Prelims) Language, Numerical, Reasoning Time: Subjected to change in 2020 English, Numerical, Reasoning Time: 20 mins each section
 Exam Pattern (Mains) 5 Sections (Aptitude, Reasoning, GK & English, Descriptive) 5 Sections (Aptitude, Reasoning, GK and awareness, English, Descriptive)
 Eligibility  Same  Same
 Application Process  Similar  Similar
 Cut-off trends Low in comparison Check IBPS PO Cut Off  Higher Check SBI PO Cut-off
 Final Selection  Based on Mains + Interview result  Based on Mains+ Interview result

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SBI PO Vs. IBPS PO Vacancies

This is one of the most important factor that decides the difficulty level of an exam. Over the years the number of vacancies have decreased tremendously in SBI PO which in turn has resulted in higher cut off. Thus this is one factor that is responsible in making SBI PO a tougher exam than IBPS PO.

SBI PO Vacancy 2019 2000+
IBPS Clerk Vacancy 2019 4000+

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Considering all the points we can easily conclude that both the paper have the same level of difficulty but because SBI PO has more new pattern questions students might find it more difficult. The second factor is the number of vacancies  as it is inversely proportional to the cut-off and because there are less number of vacancies in SBI PO, it makes it more diffciult. If an exam has more vacancies the cut-off will ultimately be lower and vice-versa but a student with the right strategy and approach can easily clear both the exams without a doubt. So give your best and work hard!

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