UPSC EPFO EO vs SEBI Grade- A vs RBI Grade- B – Brief Comparison

Two most important notifications have been released by their respective organization. UPSC has released the notification for EPFO EO, RBI is expected to release the notification for Grade-B officer in August-Septemeber and SEBI has also released the notification for the Grade-A officers. Students often asked this question as to which exam they should focus more or which job is more better. We believe that all of these are great opportunities and one should aim for them all rather than focussing on one exam but for your convience we will be doing a comparison amon them to give you more clear insight about them in terms of different parameters. Let’s Take a look

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Post Offered

All the three jobs offer great posts for a fresher to start their career as given below:

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B
Enforcement Officer Assistant Manager Manager

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All these three job profile are under different organization as given below:

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B
Union Public Service Commission (Dept. – EPFO) Securities & Exchange Board of India Reserve Bank of India

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Mode of Examination

While most of the exams today are conducted in Online mode. UPSC EPFO 2020 is one such exam which will be conducted in offline mode. SEBI Grade-A and RBI Grade-B on the other hand are following the trend of conducting the exams online.

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B
Offline Written Online Online

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Selection Stages

SEBI Grade-A and RBI Grade-B both are three stages recruitment process while UPSC EPFO is just two stage recruitment process.

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B
Two-Stage ProcessI. Phase 1 – Written Test

II. Phase 2 – Interview

Three-stage processI. Phase 1 – Paper 1 & Paper 2

II. Phase 2 – Paper 1 & Paper 2

III. Interview

Three-stage processI. Phase 1

II. Phase 2 – Paper 1, Paper 2 & Paper 3

III. Interview

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria of these jobs are based on the post. In SEBI Grade-A there are multiple posts and for eac post there is a different eligibility criteria hence students are advised to go through the official notification to check their eligibility.

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer SEBI Grade- A RBI Grade B
Mandatory: Bachelor’s degree in any subject.Desirable Requirements:(a) Bachelor’s degree in Law/Integrated Five years Degree in Law/Masters in Business Administration/Post Graduate Diploma in Management/Company Secretary/Chartered Accountants/Cost and Management Accountant(b) Two years of experience in Administration/Accounts/Legal Matters in any government or Listed – Private Organisation. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or a master’s degree in any discipline.

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Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with at least 60% marks

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Salary Offered

All these job profiles offer great salary to a fresher as given below:

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B
Gross monthly emoluments stands at Rs 60,000/- approximately Gross monthly salary of Rs 1,07,000 per month without accommodation Or Rs 73,000 per month with accommodation Gross monthly emoluments Rs 77,208/- approximately.

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Probation Period

Probation period is generally the time-period that a candidate is expected to serve in order to learn different skills necessary as an officer of that organization. You can also call it as a training period of a candidate after the selection. Under the selection in all the three profile, a candidate is expected to serve a two year probation period.

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B
The Probation period of an Enforcement Officer is 2 years After joining, an officer will be on the probation period of 2 years. There is probation for 2 years from the time of joining

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Job Responsibility

It is very important for a candidate to know about the different job responsibilities of the job profile he/she is going to apply for. Given below is the detailed information of all the three job profile responsibilities.

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B
1. Look after the work of Enforcement, Recovery, Accounts, Administration Cash, Legal, Pension.2. Computer work which includes the statutory and administrative functions like conducting inquiry settlement of claims, general administration.

3. Maintenance of Cash Book/ administration; maintenance of Cash Book/Reconciliation of Bank Statements; MIS returns etc.

1. Approval of stock exchanges by-laws.2.Amendment of by-laws of Stock Exchanges.

3. Inspection of Accounts of Stock Exchanges and various players.

4. Identify and Investigate any malpractices within Securities Markets.

5. Taking steps for increasing Investors’ knowledge on Securities Markets.

6. Suspension of Security Trading of a Stock Exchange.

7. Granting and Withdrawing Recognition of a Stock Exchange.

1. RBI has offices across the country with the central office located in Mumbai and others being regional offices.2. Grade B officers are posted across various departments and the work profile varies as per the department they are posted in.

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Career Prospect

Career Prospect implies the career growth of a candidate once selected for a job. Given below is the career growth for all the three jobs.

UPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer SEBI Grade A RBI Grade B
The Career Progression is as follows:Assistant PF Commissioner

Regional PF Commissioner – II

Regional PF Commissioner – I

Additional Central PF Commissioner

Additional Central PF Commissioner (HQ)

Central PF Commissioner

The career progression is as follows:Asst. Manager


Asst. General Manager

Deputy Manager

General Manager

Chief General Manager

Executive Head

The career progression is as follows:Manager

Asst. General Manager

Deputy General Manager

Chief General Manager

Principal Chief Manager

Executive Director

Deputy Governor

Now that you know every basic detail of the three job profile. We advise you to keep stuyding in this lockdown to make sure that whenever the exams of these recruitment are conducted you are ready.

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