Don’t Let the Lockdown Slowdown Your Preparation

As the number of COVID-19 cases in India is still increasing and have jumped to 24506, various banking exams including RBI Assistant Mains, SBI Clerk Mains, Karnataka Bank PO Interview, and SEBI Grade A Phase I exam have been postponed.

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It is rightly said that a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity whereas an optimist finds opportunity in even their difficult times. As the whole world is going through tough times due to the pandemic outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, therefore everyone has to lock themself in their houses to be safe from this situation. The impact of COVID-19 is havoc on the educational system too and especially competitive exams. The banking exam dates are postponed as nothing comes first than health, which means you have more time to practice and make your concepts stronger.

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Once the pandemic situation is controlled, the new dates will be announced by the organization on their official websites. However, for aspirants who are seeking for the banking sector jobs, it could be a golden opportunity to prepare well for their examinations. During this weak times, students should not lose their positive attitude towards their studies and keep their preparations going. Some students may be feeling demotivated due to this lockdown and may find it difficult to study. 

Here are some points that will surely help you to carry on your preparation in a very well-mannered way and will keep you motivated for your studies:

Maintain a healthy study-plan: Instead of pressuring yourself by the studies, make a time-table that includes breaks time for refreshing your mind as without breaks your mind will lose its focus. Doing some creative activities like painting, reading a novel, listening to music will keep your mind engaged, fresh, and for sure motivated during this quarantine. Studying alone can be quite tiring and boring, make your studies enjoyable by adapting different methods like assigning yourself assignments, taking online quizzes, using digital studying methods.

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Relieve your stress: Students may be feeling stressed due to this isolation period and may not be able to focus on their studies. The news of postponed dates might also be the reason for their stress, but no worries, take it in a positive way as you can work on those topics which you are weak at. Spending some time with your family, playing some cherishing games, or listening to music can help you to relieve your stress to some extend. 

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Focus on your weak point: Students can make productive use of this isolation time especially when they are preparing for competitive examinations. As the exam dates are pushed further, so aspirants can pen down the topics which they haven’t studied well. Work hard on those topics in this lockdown by clearing all your concepts, solving as many as questions you can. 

Practice some tricks: You can make your preparation quite interesting with some tricks to solve mathematics problems. As banking exam require strong command on mathematical section and speed of solving these problems. If you know the tricks, you will surely solve bigger problems in just a minute and definitely it will help you on the day of your actual exam date after this pandemic condition.    

Solve more and more practice papers: Though you might have completed your preparation for your competitive exams which were going to held in March and April month. Do not be overconfident about your preparations and solve as many as practice papers you can do. This will help to increase your speed of solving questions, and your concepts will be more clear.  

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