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RBI Assistant 30 Days Study Plan 2019: Follow To Secure Rank

RBI Assistant prelims exam is going to take place on 14th and 15th February 2020. There are two stages pf exam i.e preliminary and mains exam followed by an LPT round. This time RBI has introduced sectional timing in prelims as well now students will have only 20 minutes for each section in  RBI Assistant prelims exam 2019. Besides sectional timing, sectional cut off in both prelims and mains is the challenge for the aspirants. Students are advise to prioritize their preparation from the first day. As you do not have much time in your hand, make the best use of it.

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Before starting your preparation, aspirants are required to get familiar with the following prerequisite

One must know what and how he have to proceed with. Adda247 is an all-round guide for the student preparing for a different banking examination. We have come up with a study plan to make your journey more organized. This study plan is prepared  keeping in mind RBI Assistant Syllabus and question paper trends. Also, besides this plan, you can look for daily vocab and other study notes to help yourself in cracking through the examination.

RBI Assistant Prelims Study Plan 

Before we proceed with the study plan for RBI Assistant Prelims, check the RBI Assistant Prelims exam pattern to get an idea about what topics and subjects we have to cover in all.

Preliminary Examination:

  • Time Allowed- 1 hour
  • Total Number of questions- 100 Questions
  • Sectional Time- Yes
  • Sectional Cut Off- Yes
Serial Number Name of Test No. of Question Maximum Marks Duration
1. English Language 30 30 20 Minutes
2. Reasoning 35 35 20 Minutes
3. Numerical Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Total 100 100 60 Minutes

RBI Assistant Syllabus 2019

RBI has not specified the syllabus for the exam. Aspirants are advised to be through the syllabus thoroughly given on bankersadda as it will give them the list of topics to be studied properly. Reading the complete RBI Assistant syllabus is must. Prepare and mark the important topics for the exam and make sure you do not leave anything uncovered.

RBI Assistant Prelims 30 days Study Plan 

A well organized study plan is a must have thing while starting your preparation. One should know, what and from where he should start. Strategy to work on the weak and strong points can help you get through the RBI Assistant exam. Prepare a study plan which covers all the important topics with more emphasis on your weak points. Take the help of previous years papers and mock test to get the idea about the expected exam pattern. Check how you start your preparation with a study plan. Check the study plan and start your preparation accordingly to manage time for each section, Accuracy and speed.

RBI Assistant Study Plan

Date Numerical Ability Reasoning English
December 30 Simplification, Wrong Series, Quadratic Inequalities Coding-decoding and Order and ranking Para Jumble, Sentence Rearrangement
December 31 Approximation, Missing Series Blood relation and Direction Cloze Test, Double Fillers
January 1 Number system, Partnership Syllogism and Inequality Reading Comprehension, Error Detection
January 2 Profit & Loss, Mixture & Allegation, Pie DI Puzzles Word Swap, Column Filler
January 3 Simple Interest & Compound Interest, Time & Work, Simplification Alphanumeric series and Miscellaneous Error Detection, Sentence Improvement
January 4 Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set
January 5 Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set
January 7 Boat & Stream, Trains, Approximation Syllogism and Blood relation Para Jumble, Double Filler
January 9 Probabilities, Permutation & Combination, Bar DI Puzzles Error Detection, Column Filler
January 11 Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set
January 13 Time & Work, Line DI, Wrong Series Syllogism, Direction Double sentence-single filler, Cloze Test
January 15 Data Sufficiency, Pie DI, Simplification Puzzles Word Rearrangement, Phrasal Verbs
January 17 Mixture & Allegation, Pipes & Cistern, Approximation Coding-decoding and order and ranking Word replacement, Column Based
January 19 Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set
January 20  Missing Series Syllogism Error Detection
January 21  Simplification Direction Sense  Double Filler
January 22 Quadratic Inequalities Coding-Decoding Sentence Rearrangement
January 23 Word problems Blood relation Cloze Test
January 24 Bar DI Puzzles Word Swap
January 25 Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set
January 26 Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set
January 27 Wrong Series Inequality Double fillers
January 28 Approximation Alphanumeric Series Reading Comprehension
January 29 Quantity Based Puzzles Word Replacement
January 30 Word Problems Blood Relation Para Jumble
January 31 Mix. DI Coding-Decoding Paragraph completion
February 1 Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set
February 2 Practice Set Practice Set Practice Set
February 3 Caselet Syllogism Vocabulary
February 4 Word Problems Direction Sense Reading Comprehension
February 5 Table DI  Puzzles Combination Filler
February 6 Simplification Inequality Sentence Improvement

Participate in this week long marathon, to boost your preparation for the RBI Assistant Preliminary examination 2020. Following is the schedule of the mini mocks:

Date Day Quant Schedule English Schedule Reasoning Schedule
7th Feb Friday Mini Mock 1 | Number Series-Missing Term + Simplification + (Ratio + Percentage +Avg +SICI) | 20 Ques Mini Mock 1 | Fillers + Word Swap + Spelling + Idioms & Phrases | 20 Ques Mini Mock 1 | Box Based Puzzle + Coding Decoding + Direction| 15 Questions
8th Feb Saturday Mini Mock 2 |NS- Wrong Term + Q1-Q2 + (T&W, Alligation + Age) | 20 Ques Mini Mock 2| Cloze Test & Phrase Rearrangement| 15 Ques Mini Mock 2 | Circular Seating Arrangement + Blood Relation + Syllogism + Scheduling | 20 Questions
9th Feb Sunday Mini Mock 3 |DI-Table 5 Ques + QE + (TSD + Pipe & Cistern + Mensuration) | 15 Ques Mini Mock 3| Sentence Rearrangement + Starters | 15 Ques Mini Mock 3 | Floor Based Puzzle + Inequalities + Alphabet Based Questions+ | 15 Questions
10th Feb Monday Mini Mock 4 |DI-Case-let 5Ques + (Remaining topic Arithmetic) | Mini Mock 4| RC + Column Based Sentences | 15 Ques Mini Mock 4 | Linear Seating Arrangement + Alphanumeric + Comparison Based Puzzle + Miscellaneous | 20 Questions
11th Feb Tuesday Mini Mock 4 |DI-Bar + DI- Pie + DI Line) | 15 questions Mini Mock 5| Sentence Based Error + Column Based Filler + Word Usage Mini Mock 5 | Month Based Puzzle + Coding Decoding + Blood Relation + Direction| 20 Questions
13th Feb Thursday    ( PYSP) Numerical Ability-20 (Non DI ) English Language- 20- (Non RC) Reasoning- 20 Questions (All Non Puzzles)

Check the RBI Assistant Prelims strategy

Quantitative Aptitude

All that aspirants need to do to perform good in this section is practice as much as you can. Learn the basic concepts of all the topics and practice them well, as for banking exams basic concepts of the important chapters will come in handy rather than tricks. Choose the questions wisely and try not to get stuck on a particular question or topic for too long. Try to keep your focus on attempting the questions with good accuracy.

Reasoning Ability

Reasoning can be a tricky section for most of the students and it is important to the solve reasoning questions and at the same time keep a watch on the time that is passing by. Continuous practice will help you deal with this section too as the solution hits the mind quickly. To ace the grades in reasoning, all you need to do is to practice and only practice. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

English Language

The trick to scoring in the English section can vary from one person to another depending on his/her strengths and weaknesses. If you are good at vocab and reading then attempt the reading comprehension first and proceed with Cloze Test and other miscellaneous topics like Error Detection, Para Jumbles, Phrase Replacement, Double Fillers, etc. But if you are good at grammar, attempt Reading Comprehension in the end.

Tips to prepare for RBI Assistant 2019

As you have 2 months for the exam and the syllabus is very vast. You have number of topics to be covered for RBI exam. You need to be consistent with your practice. Read these simple tips to crack RBI Assistant exam this time.

  1. Focus on your weak points and start improving on them from the very first day you start your preparation.
  2. Know about your strong points and strengths. Knowing this will help you fetch good marks in the RBI Assistant Exam 2019.
  3. Practice to increase your calculation speed. It matters a lot in the quantitative aptitude.
  4. Keep a track on your speed. Try to attempt maximum questions in the given time.
  5. Make sure whatever you attempt is accurate. Accuracy matters a lot in the bank exams.
  6. Take mock test on regular basis to keep a record of your performance. And improve where you lack.
  7. Practice from previous year papers so that you know what to study as according to the latest exam pattern.
  8. Make notes of important topics so that you can revise them at the time of exam.

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